GTA 6 Release Date Rumors

A lot of rumors have been whirling around lately as Rockstar Games are still silent about the GTA 6’s development. Nothing has been told regarding the exact release.

The rumor has been bouncing around with a lot of predictions about what will be next in the GTA’s world. Which GTA 6’s six maps are going to be chosen, where is it going to be set?

Aaand the GTA 6 release date is…?

After more than three years of GTA 5 release, the franchise has been a highly relevant and exciting topic in the eyes of the fans. When GTA 5 made its debut, Rockstar Games made sure the game comes with insanely excellent quality and a solid storyline, exciting and satisfying characters and also a fantastic map to play on. The release date of Grand Theft Auto 5 become evident that a new title will come afterward.

In the release of the previous Grand Theft Auto titles, we waited five years for a new GTA to come aboard. If we keep on counting the same way like before, the next Grand Theft Auto title should begin at 2018. Without knowing the exact date, we can say it’s too far away, right? If it comes in 2018, an announcement should happen this year, probably. Approximately, the GTA 6 announcement should come a little bit later.

A lot of Grand Theft Auto lovers think that the game will be announced somewhere around the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. What we do love the most, is that the developers always ensure a good game title will be born. That’s what they want to release. We do know how Rockstar Games act and we will make sure we keep an eye on them more closely from now on, as the rumors keep on going. Do not worry; the final date will come.

Everyone would love to get at least a part of the thoughts on which one is going to be the new Grand Theft Automap. We also know that Rockstar Games and their GTA franchise are the best story makers according to the map and its surroundings. This is also one of the best reasons players love Grand Theft Auto. Every game has its own story, but when we speak about GTA, it’s always something different.

GTA 6 Map choice

Even tho the release date is unknown. Rumors have been circling that Grand Theft Auto could be set in Japan. Reviewing the fact developers have said that before, Japan could be a real possibility for the Grand Theft Auto series to continue playing. Being Asian in the game will be a strange feeling at first, but we are pretty sure they’ll manage to deliver the best gaming experience that one player needs.

Grand Theft Auto 6 in Japan seems like fun to us. Keep in mind that we are just speaking about rumors, nothing else. We do not even know the date too, so everyone speculates, nothing more.

On a personal level, I do think that after Hitman’s choice of Hokkaido, Japan, Rockstar will jump away.

Also, when it comes down to the map choice, you cannot count America off. America has been and will always be one of the best maps you can every play on. But, is it going to be somewhere around the Chicago area. Well, all we can do is wait and see.

There are even more rumors about the main character being female. I do not know if this holds any waters, but hey, we are speaking about GTA. We do think there are going to be a lot more characters than just one. The storyline is going to be a lot longer than the previous episodes of GTA.

Keep in mind that GTA is one of the most beautiful games! Everything of the above should be exciting for every gamer. As soon as we find something new regarding GTA 6, we’ll keep this article updated.

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