Half-Life 3 Release Date, VR Support, Gameplay and Story

Been almost ten years guys, almost 10 years being passed away after Half-Life 2 was released, the Valve’s well-known game. Everyone is still asking if there is going to be a brand new installment of Half-Life. The inevitable series of Half-Life are probably on the way of coming out victorious as they are going to release the new Half-Life 3 in a year or so. Is it going to happen for sure?

half-life 3 release date

Since its first release back in the days when Half-Life 1 was released, I remember as I was a little kid trying to get better at some of my Counter Strike Games, the game had a decent gameplay. After that couple of years later when Half-Life 2 was released and now Valve is remaining silent about the new Half-Life 3 and its release date.

Is Half-Life 3 really going to come to Live?

After the game was launched many years ago, the new Half-Life 3 should come together with a VR support. This might be really interesting. Everyone enjoys VR so far, so why not we get one more great game with a support of VR.

Half-Life 3 VR Support

Reports are spreading out fast that Half-Life 3 is under development and is probably in preparation for its release soon. The best part is that Half-Life 3 it’s getting prepared for it’s first VR support and compatibility. Even they are trying to remain silent, they are working together with HTC in the creation of the Virtual Reality for Half-Life 3. These reports have not been confirmed, but however, we are speaking about the probability that may come to live really fast.

Half-Life 3 Gameplay and Story

The Upcoming Half-Life 3 should happen in Kraken Base that was previously rumored to be featured in Half-Life 2, but however, it came out lacking. Everyone seems to be Hype since the game happening will be around the Kraken Base. All of the gamers we interviewed are already hyped and cannot wait for the game to hit the market.

It may also feature a submarine and an underwater terrain. Even that we do not have this kind of information, Gamenguide seems to have it. The terrain and the submarine should mean a completion around the Kraken Base. Gordon has to be saved after Helena Mossman betrays him and the research team.

Half-Life 3 Release Date

Nothing has been known as we cannot confirm the date precisely. However, some of the reports are saying that the game should come out in 2018. I do feel like it’s too far away. However, Valve is going to try and make all the players satisfied for sure! Being waiting for a decade of getting a brand new episode of Half-Life might surely pay out.

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