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Heroes of the Storm Varian and Ragnaros

Heroes Of The Storm: Varian And Ragnaros Abilities

I got a chance to check the two upcoming characters for Heroes of the Storm: Varian and Ragnaros.

Heroes of the Storm Varian and Ragnaros fight

Varian and Ragnaros Abilities

Varian is a more exciting character from a competitive side because he shows up as two different types. He is an adaptable fighter who can become either a shield-bearing Warrior or a life-ending Assassin based on his talent choices in-game. The real show-stealer is probably Molten Core’s kingpin, Ragnaros comparing to Varian.

To see a raid boss in a game from the rank of Heroes of the Storm is a challenge. But after Blizzard tackled the two-player controlled Cho’gall, I kind of expected that Ragnaros looks, feels and sounds like WoW monstrosity.

The towering lava titan can take control of allied fortress. And then becomes a living fortress full with powerful new abilities and a huge amount of health. Ragnaros isn’t shooting off meteors, blasting waves and swinging the hammer Sulfuras around.

Ragnaros has the ability to use the lava wave. This attack travels the absolute full distance of the map down a lane. Killing off every enemy and roasting heroes for damage. There is time to dodge off this attack, but if you get in the blast, you will certainly burn.

I’m personally more interested in heroes that break the rules of the MOBA-like. Such as Cho’gall or Abathur, and Ragnaros may be my favorite addition to the Heroes of the Storm roster yet. I would love to see Blizzard’s characters break out of the home games. And get implemented here while obtaining their signature style and flavor.



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