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hill climb racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2: After Four Years Waiting

After four years break, Fingersoft prepared a new version of driving-thru-hills game for us, named Hill Climb Racing 2.

hill climb racing 2

Fingersoft made their debut with Hill Climb Racing by over 500 million downloads on Android and IOS. Can they do it again or even better with Hill Climb Racing 2?

We are all familiar with the concept who Hill Climb Racing works. So yes, Newton Bill is coming back but now in an improved version and with better graphics.

You will be surprised by the customization options, the variety of cars that been added, drivers and their outfit to choose. My personal favorite is the multiplayer mode, place where you can compete with your friends.

Fingersoft already announced the release of the game for Android 28th November, but for IOS is coming in December the exact day remains unknown. The download for Hill Climb Racing 2 will be for free, but it will include in-app purchases aswell.


  • Varieties of new vehicles with exclusive upgrades (bike, truck, jeep, tank and more)
  • Upgradeable parts like: engine, suspension and tires
  • 30 stages with levels to reach in each tier (Countryside, Desert, Arctic and the Moon)
  • Share scores with a screenshot with your best fellow racers
  • The simulation of the physics is smooth and graphics is improved
  • Designed to look good on low and high resolution devices



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