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How To Use Bane, Balmond, Alucard, Franco Skills In Mobile Legends

Today I will make a short guide on how to use Bane, Balmond, Alucard and Franco skills in Mobile Legends. They are in the Fighter class. Dealing a high amount of damage is their specialty. Unfortunately, they are not free to play heroes. You need to purchase them in the game with experience points or diamonds. So keep on playing and get one of them as your main damage dealer.

Bane aka The Lord Of The Seven Seas

Captain Bane was a cruel pirate and the captain of the Black Pearl. Known among the most vicious pirates as the Lord of the Seven Seas and never defeated. Now, it’s his time to bring back his doomed soul and renew his role as a captain.

bane mobile legends skills


Bane starts with 2575 HP and physical attack of 117. Bane is with 4 skills, 1 passive and three casting. His passive skill is Shark Bite, that grants him additional hit points every 6 seconds. He takes from 60% up to 105% more damage (this depends on Bane’s level). As I mentioned, his weapon will get this feature every 6 seconds dealing splash damage.

Bane’s casters are Crab Claw Cannon, Rum and Bane’s ult Air Assault. Each spell is with cooldown and will need mana to cast. Whenever his uses his Crab Cannon, an opponent is slowed by 60% and receives 330 physical damage. Because of his short weapon range, I will suggest using this spell on melee heroes.

Bane got healing skills too. Bane uses his Rum to cast a barrel that will heal all his allies up to 500 healing points. The last skill is Bane’s ult, Air Assault. He cast a flying battleship that attacks 2 enemies from the sky. I have played with Bane in 2 Brawl Mode matches against pros and guess what? I won both times with 17 kills and 2 deaths. So far Bane is one of my favorite heroes in Mobile Legends.

He is with 2 different skins the Lord of the Seven Seas and Count Dracula.

Balmond or Berserker

Balmond is creature between Orc and blood demon. He uses arcane magic to effect his enemies. Balmond is a war thirsty hero and the strongest of his kind.


Balmond is with 8.5 attack speed and 2552 starting HP. One of the fastest hero with a movement speed of 2.65. What makes Balmond so unique and a perfect “slayer” are his skills. Bloodthirst is Balmond’s passive skill that regens his HP every time Balmond kills a Minion or hero.

His regeneration is different, Balmond gets 4% for each Minion kill and 10% for a hero kill. With his second skill Soul Lock, he charges to an enemy, slows them down for 55% and deals 150 physical dmg. He then can use Cyclone Sweep and swing his weapon, an axe, to hit the opponent by dealing 50 points physical damage for each time he hits an opponent. This will be a great combo, but try to use his skills faster, if you want to OWN the match!

His last skill is Lethal Counter. Every enemy in front of Balmond will get 350 pure damage and 20% more damage for the target missing HP. If you are on the enemy team, my advice is every time you see Balmond raising a big axe, run and don’t look back!

Berserker and Primal Fury are his available skins in Mobile Legendsmobile legends balmond skills

Alucard or Demon Hunter

mobile legends alucard skills

Rescued and raised by demon hunters. Alucard suffered cruelties from the demons that killed his family when he was just a kid. After many years in prison Alucard got rescued and swore to no loyalty to any army to kill all the demons and always finishing his missions. Those are the 3 laws of the demon hunters. Alucard becomes an excellent demon hunter and starts to seek a revenge for his parents.


Alucard is with 39 HP regen and attack speed 9. Offensive hero with Pursuit skill that grants Alucard teleportation next to his target and dealing 1.2x dmg. This is only for a single target. If you target 2 enemies, he will deal 1.1x dmg. The Groundsplitter deals 260 physical dmg. Alucard Whirling Smash deals 230 dmg in a splash area. What I like the most about Alucard’s skills is his ult, Fission Wave. He locks on a target, by getting lifesteal and he can cast Attack Waves that deals 440 dmg.

Alucard’s skins are Demon Hunter and Lone Hero.

Franco aka Frozen Warrior

mobile legends franco

Frozen seas are Franco’s birth place. In a place where everything is covered with ice, a great fighter was born. After some time, Captain Bane destroyed their peaceful life and Franco together with his friends try to bring the peace back.


Franco as a fighter is slow, with only 2.55 movement speed, but he has 25 armor that makes him hard to kill. Wasteland Force, Iron Hook, Fury Shock and Brutal Massacre are his skills. Franco’s passive skill increases his HP for each enemy kill and 10 for each Minion kill. He reminds of Pudge from Dota 2, because Franco also uses a hook to drag the enemies.

Franco uses his Fury Shock to slow the enemies by 70% for 1.5 seconds and then deals 300 physical dmg. This is how I will play Franco. I will use his hook to get the enemy closer, then use Franco’s ult Brutal Massacre, spell that deals 70 physical dmg for each hit. This will bring the enemy closer to Franco and your allies. By slowing down your enemy you make them an easier target to kill.

You can choose between Frozen Warrior and Wasteland Butcher skins.

I have made a full review about the game and you can check the tank squad skills here.

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