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How To Use Fanny, Hayabusa, Karina, Saber Skills In Mobile Legends

So far, I did a coverage on how to use tank heroes skills and fighter skills in Mobile Legends. You can check it out here, tank  and fighter. Now I have the assassin’s class, Fanny, Hayabusa, Karina and Saber.

These heroes are not free to play, so winning matches or medals with grant you more experience points and you can buy them in the game. Fanny cost 24.000 exp, Hayabusa 32.000, Karina 32.000 and Saber 6.500. Each of them is with different abilities and skills. The most played hero from this class is Hayabusa. Maybe because he is a ninja and it is easier to play with. So, I will make a short guide on how you can improve your skills while playing one of the assassins.

Fanny aka Hovering Blade

She is part of the human race, with a huge desire to fly. So, she made a steel hook to grab between mountains and fly above the land. A lot of people saw Fanny flying in the sky and gave her the name of Blade of Freedom.


Fanny is a fast assassin with 2.7 movement speed, but with low attack speed. Fanny is an offensive hero with 4 different skills which helps her to fight bravely against her enemies. Fanny’s passive skill is Air Superiority. While flying in the air, she puts a Prey marker on a target and increases her damage. If she kills a Prey marked hero, Fanny will regen her energy for 10 points per layer. Her blade can deal 260 physical dmg with the spell of Tornado Strike skill. This affects every opponent who is near the spinning blade.

Her next skill is Steel Cable. Fanny can use it every time she is on low HP to escape. But if her energy is full, then you can use the cable to draw her to the first obstacle and Fanny will automatically cast Tornado Strike. Her ult is Cut Throat. Fanny will start an attack that deals 500 physical damage. But if the target is marked, Fanny’s damage will increase by 20%.

I will recommend this step by step guide for Fanny. When her energy is full, use the Steel Cable skill, then mark the enemy and use her ult. In this way your opponent will be slain in 2 seconds.

Fanny uses only one skin, Hovering Blade.

Hayabusa or Shadow of Iga

Brought to the Land of Dawn, Hayabusa is only with one mission. To find and kill the previous generation of Shadows who killed his best friend, one of the best ninja Iga. In this place Iga, the strongest ninja’s are born. But only one of them can get the title of Shadow ninja. That will be the most responsible ninja who can finish the most dangerous missions and defend the Iga city. Hayabusa is part of the Shadow clan.


Hayabusa’s movement speed is 2.65, HP 2555 and 8.5 attack speed. His specialty is charge and burst dmg. Ninjutsu: Heal is his passive skill. Hayabusa can regen his missing HP by hitting an opponent. The lower the enemy HP is, the more HP Hayabusa will regen. What is a ninja without shuriken? Hayabusa throws three shurikens in front of him and deals 270 physical damage for each shuriken that strikes a target. He slows the opponent by 50%  and if all shurikens hit the same target, he will regen 50% of his mana. That is his Phantom Shuriken skill.

Quad Shadow skill of Hayabusa is when he releases 4 phantom illusions of himself that slow the target by 50% and deals 130 physical damage. If a phantom reaches an enemy, it stays inside his soul. Casting the spell for the second time will bring Hayabusa to the phantoms location and will the phantom will deal additional 130 physical dmg. Hayabusa’s ult is Ougi: Shadow Kill skill. This will take 130 points of his mana. He then turns into a shadow and dashes on a certain area. For each attack an enemy will receive 160 physical damage. If the same enemy is affected few times by his ult, the damage will increase by 5%.

First you can use Hayabusa’s Quad, to get you closer to the enemy, then Phantom Shuriken and ult for last. This way the opponent will receive a huge amount of damage and will be off the battlefield for just a second.

Shadow of Iga is the only skin Hayabusa uses in Mobile Legends.

Karina or Shadow Blade

Born as a night elf in the world of darkness, Karina is a born killer with high offensive rate and a will to rule on the battlefield.


Karina is a fast assassin with movement speed 2.65 and attacks speed 9. As an elf she uses mana to cast spells. Her casters skills are Elusiveness, Dance of Death and Shadow Rush. Her passive skill is Combo Hit. If you want to be a fast killer, first use her Elusiveness skill to become immune to attacks for 3 seconds and go faster by 35%. When Karina goes out from this state, her next attack will deal extra 165 physical dmg. Here you will get closer to the enemy, which takes us to the next spell, Dance of Death. Each opponent close to her, will receive 260 magic dmg from her weapon. Her ult is a specialty for only one enemy. So the best way is to focus only on one target, which will receive all damage from Karina. Shadow Rush is her ult and this spell deals 400 magic dmg.

Unlike the previous heroes, Karina is with 2 skins, Shadow Blade and Phantom Blade.

Saber aka Spacetime Swordmaster

Saber is a creation of hundreds of sword masters of different races. The scientists collect DNA from the bravest sword masters in the world and used advanced technology to create the best, Saber. His sword tears a hole in the spacetime and allows him to travel to any time or space. Saber is a difficult hero to defeat, because he moves fast around the map.

With a physical attack of 118, attack speed of 8.7 and HP 2475, Saber is my second best hero in Mobile Legends. His passive skill lowers the target physical defense by 3% and makes them easier to kill. With his Flying Sword he shoots 4 flying swords towards an enemy dealing 160 physical dmg for each hit. Charge is his next spell. He goes towards a specific area and deals dmg to each enemy along the way. Saber’s ult Triple Sweep affects only one target by dealing 220 physical dmg with 3 blows in a row. This is my spell guide, use Charge first, then his ult and leave Flying Sword for last, because you will be attacked by all enemy heroes and you will need a spell to escape.

Spacetime Swordmaster and Golden Warrior are his skins in the game.

I hope you like this “how to use Fanny, Hayabusa, Karina, Saber skills” guide. If I’m missing something or you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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