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How To Use Nana, Alice And Eudora Skills In Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a game where you can choose between 6 different classes. There is Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman and Support class. I have been playing with the Mage class, with all 3 heroes. I find them a little bit hard to play, so I will make a guide on how to use Nana, Alice and Eudora skills.

As you may already know, there are 3 different modes in Mobile Legends, Match Up, Ranked Game and Brawl Mode. Match Up mode is 5 vs 5 lane mode, where you and your team needs to destroy the “Enemy’s Crystal” to win. If you want to enter Ranked Game, you need to have 5 heroes owned. Brawl mode is the mode where you can choose between 2 heroes and fight against the enemy. Only in the Brawl mode you are able to test the heroes that you don’t own. In the other modes you need to purchase them in the game, with experience points or diamonds.

Nana or Feline Wizard

Nana is a cat elf, born in the magic forest with very powerful magic skills. She almost destroyed her home, because she didn’t know how to use her abilities. Then, the moon elf, Miya came and trained her how to control her skills. Nana was a great student and she manages to learn from the moon elf very fast. When Nana was all set, she decided to join her teacher in the adventures of searching for a new kingdom.


For a cat elf, Nana is a slow hero, but with high mana points and mana regen. Nana’s skills are Nimble, her passive skill, Boomerang, Morph Spell and Dragon Cat Summons. She uses her passive skill to increase her movement speed. The boomerang she throws deals 165 magic dmg, but only in a specific direction. With the Morph skill, she transforms an enemy into a Dragon Cat and slows their movement speed for 3 seconds.

Dragon Cat Summons is her ult. Nana summons a Dragon Cat in a specific area, knocks the enemies airborne for a second and deals 400 magic dmg. My advice is to use her skills as following, Morph Skill first, then her Boomerang and her ult for last. In this order the enemy will be slowed and will receive a lot of damage from your allies. At the end, this is a team player hero. Going solo will only affect of breaking your phone or tablet 🙂

Nana is with 3 skins in Mobile Legends, Feline Wizard, Wonderland and Graveyard Party.

Alice aka Queen of the Apocalypse

Many years ago the human race defeated the Blood Demons and Queen Alice was captured and imprisoned. Alice is a vampire and she will never stop her lust for blood. She escaped from the prison and slew everything on her way. Be careful humans, Alice is full of hate and she will not stop until she gets her revenge.

Slow hero with only 2.4 movements speed but with high HP regen and mana regen points. Blood is what keeps her moving, but she uses mana to cast spells. Blood Ancestry is her passive skill. Every time Alice kills a minion, she will use his blood to increase her magic power. Her second skill is Flowing Blood. Alice shoots a blood blob in a specific direction. If the blood blob hits an enemy, it will deal 260 magic dmg. Blood Awe is Alice’s next skill. Using this skill the enemy will receive 310 magic dmg and will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Alice ult is Blood Ode. For 4 seconds, Alice will be in blood drinking mode. She will deal 80 magic dmg to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds. Dealing dmg to the enemies, she will use it to regenerate herself. First use her Flowing Blood, then her ult and use Blood Awe for the last caster. In this order, whenever Alice goes in battle she will constantly regen and kill her enemies with ease.

Queen of Apocalypse and Spirit Woman are her skins in Mobile Legends.

Eudora or Lighting Sorceress

Eudora is a wizard with lightning skills. She mastered all her skills when she was young. Eudora went to the Land of Dawn to improve her skills.

Eudora is a mage with high mana points and physical attack. Her skills are Superconductor, Forked Lighting, Electic Arrow and Thunderstruck. The first skill is her passive. Every time she hits a target the Superconductor will amplify the effect of the other abilities. Using Forked Lighting enemies will take 320 magic damage. This will affect all heroes in front of Eudora. The target previously marked with Superconductor will lose 25 magic resistance. The arrow or the lighting bolt she uses is a great skill for a team play. Eudora will stun the target for 1 second and will deal 280 magic damage. If the target is affected by her passive skill, then the target will be stunned for an additional 1 second.

Summoning a big storm of lighting is her ult. Every enemy in this area will receive 400 magic dmg. Every target affected with her passive skill with receive additional 15% dmg. First use her Electric Arrow, then her ult and keep Forked Lighting for the end. Every opponent who survived the storm, will struggle to survive Eudora’s Forked Lightning.

She has Lightning Sorceress and Flame Red Lips skins in Mobile Legends.

With the new update in Mobile Legends a new hero was introduced in Mobile Legends, Gord

Gord or Mystic Magician

Born in the world of magic where mystic magic is everything. Gord was just a kid when he could do some of the most powerful mystic skills. When he got older, the power within him was growing, until the mystic magic seeped into his skin and bones.


Slow hero with the highest mana points in Mobile Legends. He is with 4 skills, 1 passive and 3 casters. Gord’s passive skill is Mystic Favor, Mystic Projectile, Mystic Injection and Mystic Gush as his ult. With his passive skill, every time he hits a target will add a magic amplifier effect to it. He throws a bomb with his Mystic Projectile skill and deals 255 magic dmg. With the Injection he creates a field of energy which deals 55 magic dmg. Mystic Gush skill is when Gord fires an energy blast to a specific direction dealing 170 magic dmg. Every enemy affected by his ult will be slowed by 20%.

Mystic Magician and Hell Mage are his skins.

This is how I use Nana, Alice and Eudora skills in Mobile Legends. If you think there is a different and better way, please let me know in the comments section below and I will make an update.

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