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How To Use Rafaela Skills In Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends there is only 1 hero in the Support class, Rafaela. With her skills and abilities she can heal allies and deal big damage to the enemies.

Rafaela is an angel, that can heal anything. It is known that when she appears, everything goes white, all the pain vanishes and there is no evil spirit that can affect on her abilities.

Now, Rafaela is part of the Land of Dawn where she hopes to restore the peace.


As the only support hero, the angel is with high mana points and mana regen. Rafaela is with 4 skills in Mobile Legends. Heaven’s Blessing is her passive skill, which she uses to slow enemies in order to speed up her healing abilities. Light of Retribution is one of her casters.

She uses the Holy Light power to deal 220 magic damage to the nearest 3 enemies.

Rafaela casts a Holy Healing to regen 410 HP for herself and the alley with lowest HP. Her ult is Holy Baptism. Rafaela uses the power of Holy Light to stun and deal 700 magic damage to the enemies in front of her.

How to use Rafaela skills

You need to stay with her in the last battle line and be very fast with using her skills. Don’t try to go as a tank, because Rafaela’s health and armor are not that high.

Stay in the back and heal your allies to win the match. But if you want yourself in a situation where you can’t escape, I suggest to use her ult first, then Holy Healing, because you will receive a lot of damage and stay safe with the Light of Retribution for last.

Rafaela uses Wings of Holiness and Fertility Goddess skins in Mobile Legends.

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