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How To Use Tigreal, Minotaur, Lolita, Akai Skills In Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is nothing without tank heroes. So I will try to help you and make a guide on how to use Tigreal, Minotaur, Lolita and Akai skills. As you may know, this type of heroes are very helpful for push and win the match. In Mobile Legends there are four tank heroes. Tigreal, Minotaur, Lolita and Akai. Each one has different story and different abilities.

Tigreal aka Warrior of Dawn

In the battle Tigreal is always at the front line. None of his enemies ever challenge him on the battlefield. They are all scared from his merciless blade. His name, Tigreal or the Lorn of Light is a synonym for bravery and fearlessness. He is the mighty Warrior of Light, as his kingdom calls him. Tigreal’s attributes in the game are movement speed, physical attack, magic power, armor, magic resistance, HP, mana, attack speed, Hp regen, mana regeneration, basic attack critical rate and ability critical rate.


Tigreal skill is Fearless, Attack Wave, Sacred Hammer and Implosion. Fearless is a passive skill that increases Tigreal’s physical and magic defense. This skill can be upgraded to level 10. Next skill is Attack Wave. Releasing this wave, Tigreal deals 300 physical damage and slows the enemy  by 50% for 2 seconds. Cooldown is 9.5 seconds and you will need 80 mana points to cast this spell. Using Sacred Hammer of Tigreal, he will deal 180 damage and knocks the enemy airborne. Tigreal rushes in a direction and collides with the enemy. The last skill is Implosion. Tigreal uses 120 mana points, shoves his sword into the ground, pulls all the enemies around him, while stunning the enemy for 1.5 seconds.

Tigreal has 2 skins the Warrior of Dawn and the Dark Knight.

Minotaur or Son of Minos

The symbol of power in his kingdom. Until he was challenged by a youth from different space. Minotaur lost the battle and with disgrace he left his kingdom. Since then Minotaur trained to meet the young man again and challenge him to get his respect back. As the times passed, he gains a lot of power and wisdom, he learned from his mistakes how to become the greatest in his kingdom. When he was ready to challenge the boy, Minotaur left the place where he trained and discovered that his land come to an end and everything he knew is long gone. With sadness he was lost in the new world, but a voice summoned him to enter the Land of Dawn, where he can show his powers and get a new name, Son of Minos.

Minotaur is a tank in Mobile Legends with so far the highest HP of 2655 points and Physical attack of 123 points. He doesn’t have a mana bar, he uses his abilities with Rage bar.


Minotaur or Son of Minos skills is Rage Mode, Despair Hammer, Motivation Roar and Minoan Fury. Rage is a passive skill which Minotaur fills up by hitting enemies. When this skill is full, he then enters in Rage Mode with extra armor in the battle. After a while this mode stops and it’s unable to build up this bar for few seconds.

The second skill is Despair Hammer. Here Minotaur uses his weapon to deal 330 physical hit points and slow them by 65%. If you use this skill while in Rage Mode, the attack range is bigger. Cooldown after 8 seconds. Use of the Motivation Roar is always better when he is surrounded with allies, because he gives himself extra 340 HP points and 50% allies healing. When you use this skill in Rage Mode, regenerations will be activated for 2 and Rage Regen will allow him to regenerate after taking hit points.

The last skill is Minoan Fury. Minotaur uses his weapon and smashes the ground 3 times, creating shock waves and deals 360 physical hit points and 180 clear damage and slows the enemies for 50%.  If you cast this spell in Rage Mode, Minotaur will deal extra damage.

Minotaur is with 2 different skins. Son of Minos and Bursting Yama

Lolita or Steel Elf

Who thinks girl characters can’t be tanks? In Mobile Legends, Lolita is the only girl tank. Lolita was born in a quiet village, where she lived a happy life. Until the war, where her village was destroyed and her family separated… Then Lolita was found by Rooney, the master machinist of City of Scholars. After some time, Lolita joins the City Guard and swore to keep it safe. She comforted the Noumenon Energy Core, that gave Lolita the ability to discharge a burst of force. With that strength, she can easily hold a hammer and destroys everything on her way.

Lolita has a high-speed attack and physical damage of 115 points.


Lolita is with 4 skills, 1 of them passive and 3 of them casters. The passive skill is Noumenon Energy Core which grants shield to her allies and store up energy. One of Lolita’s casters is Energy Rocket. When you cast this spell, she releases a rocket that deals 200 magic hit points and regens her energy. Every opponent hit by this rocket will be 50% slower for 1.5 seconds. This spell has a 4 seconds cooldown, so you can use it again. If you hit your opponent twice with the same rocket, he/she will be stunned.

Lolita creates a Protective Shield which blocks all ranged attacks. Lolita’s ult is Noumenon Blast. She deals 380 to 1026 magic damage in front of her and slows down the enemies by 75%. Lolita will be immune to attacks while casting this spell for 2 seconds, but her energy will be reduced from those attacks.

Lolita skins are Steel Elf and Soldier in Training.

Akai aka Panda Warrior

His villagers were collecting and storing food for a long time, just to survive the winter. But Akai got greedy and ate everything. After voting, he was banished from his village. As long as his belly is full, there is no living creature he can’t defeat.


Brute Force adds 2% of max HP to each physical attack. The second skill is Thousand Pounder. Akai jumps in an area, deals 170 physical damage to enemies in this area. For 3 seconds, his attacks will deal 50% extra damage. Guardian is a spell in which he deals 140 and an additional 15% of his missing HP as physical damage. He then gets a shield that lasts for 4 seconds and blocks up to 360 damage. Meat Tank is his ult. This spell lasts for 4 seconds and he knocks back the enemy, dealing 50 points magic damage. He becomes a ball with increased attack by 10% when he hits the same hero twice. Panda Warrior and Soccer Titan are his skins.

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