League Of Guessing Review And Gameplay

I’m pretty sure you all know about League Of Legends. There is a new game title based on the story of the mentioned game, League Of Guessing. I will try to bring you close to the game with this League of Guessing review.

This game is made by the fans of LOL. The game is about discovering the name of the LOL’s Champion based on the abilities.


League of Guessing consists of two modes, single player mode, where the player gains IP for guessing champions. You can change this IP for keys if you want. Each Champion starts with only one unlocked skill. The skills can be unlocked only with keys. There are daily prizes and free keys here. You also obtain free keys every 3 minutes of playing.


The second mode is 3×3 Multiplayer mode, where the player can join a team with two other players and play against 3 different players. The game lasts for 2 minutes only and the winning team receives IP and LP. LP is the system used for ranking, with its biggest goal of reaching the Challenger League.

The drawings, can be confusing, but not all of them. The champions are played a lot and one can quite easy guess the abilities. But others, not so much.

I have always loved the part of ” No, that can not be that champion…Insert name here, Oh, what?! There are 831 skins and to guess them it is going to take some time. For the ones who likes LOL, this is the DLC that we did not get from Riot.

The hardest League Of Guessing card!

I guessed the all the champions in less than 2h and had fun playing League Of Guessing. Anyway, the hardest of them all was Wukong, so I left him for last. I did not get to play Multiplayer or skin guessing because I did not get enough IP after finishing all 130 Champions. Single player Champions are fun. It took some time and effort to guess all of them.

As I mentioned above, this game will be easier for LOL players, because they are more familiar with the Champions.

I recommend this for those that want to waste some time and go step by step, not for those who wants to go through this quickly.

What I found confusing is that the game looks more like a game for mobile and not PC. Maybe they should also add more features, because after finishing all 130 Champions in League Of Guessing it gets boring. But it is a great time killer, so you should definitely check it out.

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