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the creation of the kett
Picture credits: GameInformer.com

Mass Effect: Andromeda, the Creation of the Kett

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s the Kett has arrived. In the coming day of N7, the new Alien Race has been revealed thanks to Game Informer. As the Art Director Joel MacMillen was speaking to Game Informer, he gave a brief insight of the alien look and discovered his purpose in the world of Andromeda. The Kett comes with a big will and desire for a more organic perspective of species, aliens. Let’s see more about the creation of the Kett.

the creation of the kett
Picture credits: GameInformer.com

All of those aliens needs to have more armor, also more materials to use. That’s what Joel Says in the Game Informer’s video.

The Kett starts with a narrative, they start with the face with scaling up to the race’s armor. Despite the fact of being double minded about using bone carapace around his face so it will transfer into his armor, they managed to do it. As we fly away from the Milky Way, it’s time to get used to the armor because that’s a lot of what you are going to see in Andromeda. Also, the other aliens needed a design too. How are they going to make it? Are they going to make it look too much “alien“? In the initial look of the video, you might find some evidence.

Also, the fun part of all the creating of other aliens was the question about are they going to be naked or clothed. However, Joel says that it has been definitely right to cloth the aliens :).

More about the creation of the Kett and on how much scary they are going to be

The shape and plain of the eyes on the main characters have been really important. Also, the armor has been important so they decided the Kett race to have its Bone Armor.

Picking up colors has also been a little bit of a pain as we can see in the video. They finally choose one of the best of all the drawn characters. The characters look really nice, well, more scary than nice :).

The pulling back on the eyes have been also one of the most important things of the characters.

Overall, the Kett has been meant to come out looking more scary and realistic. At last, the final body looks like having more of a tonal contrast with a large piece of collar that every Kett has it. The tonal contrast has been aimed especially between the bone and skin, so it will look more “alien”.

I can just say that the creation has been really amazing. One of the best races in general when it comes down to Mass Effect: Andromeda! A big thanks to Game Informer and their best cover ever!



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