Minecraft Story Mode Episode One Free On Steam

People who love video games, and missed the first installment of “Minecraft Story Mode” can now download episode one for free on Steam.

minecraft story mode one

There is a patch that will come out in the next several days and will introduce several enhancements and tweaks to the game’s “Minecraft” console versions. Their fans now have the chance to get episode one of Telltale’s “Story Mode” for free.

Many fans are sad with the releasement in October because it was only open for Windows 10 users. But the same episode right now is available on Steam with the same price tag but only for a limited time.

What Minecraft story mode episode one includes

The first episode “Minecraft: Story Mode episode 1” includes the adventures of a protagonist named Jesse. With the options to choose the gender, players will need to complete a challenging quest. They will go on a mission to find the Order of the Stone. It is the only hope for the world, Jesse and his/her friends are coming through many challenges. As well, evil characters as they travel through the world.

Meanwhile, this is an episodic series in a collaboration between the game creator Mojang and Telltale Games.

This game allows the players to make their own decisions that impact the story and the character. Mojang revealed its planned update for Xbox and PS versions. There are several new items, blocks, effects and enhancements coming for the “Minecraft” console owners.

Some of the enhancements include the ability to craft Lingering Potions by using Dragon’s Breath. An insectoid glider with the name Elytra is added into the “Minecraft” console. As well as the addition of End Cities. With Purpur blocks, Chorus Plants and End Ships, players will unravel the structures in the Ender Cities, as well as the materials. “Minecraft” console gamers will also meet new enemies, whose weapons include a homing rocket.

The “Minecraft” holiday update for Xbox and PlayStation consoles is expected for release in late December.

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