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new locker codes for nba 2k17

New Locker Codes for NBA 2k17 and How To Track Them

There have been new locker codes for NBA 2k17. Two of them has been released recently. CJ McCollum tweeted a new locker code.

new locker codes for nba 2k17

The code, FAMNT-B2J5E-5WP5W-6YK2K should boost a card featuring the talented guard at MyTeam Moments.

Another shooting guard that plays for Phoenix Suns also sent a tweet with another locker code. Code, FAMNT-KSLU8-4KP6S-UBTHK should give you another MyTeam Moments card.

Director Ronnie Singh going under the alias @Ronnie2k on Twitter owns another code for Harrison Barnes, the Dallas Mavericks forward. It’s a locker code too. The time of the release of the locker codes happens bizarrely. Just right after they had excellent matches with pleasant and unforgettable performances during their games recently, we received new codes.

Maybe this is the best way of tracking favorite NBA players and waiting for the locker codes to come out? We would love to tell all the NBA2k17 players to keep their eyes on the famous NBA players twitter profiles.

How to redeem the new locker codes for NBA 2k17?

It’s pretty simple. Just make sure you launch the game, go to Options/Features. Once you go inside you will navigate towards the Locker Codes and put the code you have.

If you miss something and it was unclear how to do it, you can always check the NBA 2k17 guide redeeming the locker codes.



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