Nintendo Switch Pokemon Go to Be Released in 2017

After the so long waited day to come for the launch of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon in NA, as new talks peek out, spreading words about a new Nintendo Switch Pokemon Go Game. We do not know if it’s just a rumor or a real source that knows what really is going on. However, getting all the talks around this might surprise us.

nintendo switch pokemon go

Nintendo’s Plans for Pokemon Go

Nintendo has new plans on releasing Pokemon Go game for the Switch. This release should take place somewhere in 2017. A lot of rumors have been talking that precisely it will be released by the end of 2017. The new games will go by the name Pokemon Stars. The launch of Sun and Moon and its development has also been done by Game Freak. So, Pokemon Stars is the third game in generations of Pokemon game releases.

Eurogamer has also announced that there might be more creatures to come in the Switch version of the game. Also, one of the most exciting things is that you will need to play both of them because Pokemon will be tradable between Stars and Sun/Moon while using the Pokemon Bank app. There should be an expectation for the map to be the same.  It should also get the same cities and routes.

The First Launch of Nintendo Switch games should be on 12 of January. We’ll see if there is going to be some kind of announcement on that day around launching a new Pokemon Go Game on the Switch. Given all the facts above the game should become thrilling enough to all the players wanting to buy the Nintendo Switch.

We hope that a lot of positive things will happen in 2017. Given the fact all the big companies and their announcements, this must happen.

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