Paladins Barik Skins And Costs

Barik is with one of the most annoying skills in-game. Turrets. Barik deals a lot of damage with these turrets. And with the shield he has in Paladins, makes him a great tank. You will definitely need Barik in a game like Paladins if you want to win the match. Here you can find the best Barik Paladins build.

I have a list of all his skins and costs in game. Check them out below:

Barik Customization:


5 Head Skins

paladins barik

Barik is with 5 head skins, as you can see on the picture above. In order to get these skins you have to win matches and earn crystals. The previous weekend was Free Crystals Weekend. I hope you got a chance to earn extra crystals! If not, I think there will be one more Free Crystals Weekend coming.


5 Body Skins

paladins barik

As you can see, I own three Barik Body Skins. The default, Team Fortress 2 and Foreman. I like the green color, in this case, thats Artisan Barik skin, but i want to save my crystals for something else.


8 Weapon Skins

barik paladins

The weapon is the most important item in Paladins. But, remember that getting a different skin on the same weapon, it will not increase the range or the damage on that weapon. Because of that, I’m playing with the starter weapon and I don’t want to change anything, yet.


3 Emotes

paladins barik emotes

Here having a lot of gold or crystals will not help you getting any of these items. If you are lucky in Paladins, you will get these skins only in the chests. Good Luck!


3 Voice Packs

barik paladins voice packs

You have three voice packs and each of them sounds completely different than the other. But it sounds very cool.


barik paladins mvp poses

The last one is the MVP Poses. This skin was released with the new ob37 patch. You already own one pose, and your luck will take place if you want to see how Barik celebrates his winning in Paladins.


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