Paladins Hits 4 Million Players Since the Open Beta Came to Live

We all know it came with a title of another “Free to play Game” which is everyone’s eyes it seems to be another copy or alternative to Blizzard’s Overwatch. Well, it doesn’t look like that anymore, as this game keeps growing and growing. Paladins hit 4 million players since the Open Beta!

paladins hits 4 million players

Our team at FGR is surprised about how many players are there in Paladins. Hi-Rez announced that Paladins managed to get its 4 million players. Also, a lot of players already know that this game is coming in closed beta for Consoles, which means there are going to be a lot more players when it becomes an Open Beta.

One more reason that Paladins will get more players than Overwatch sooner than later is that the game comes for free while Overwatch is at least around $40.

The Start of the Open Beta for Consoles

Hitting 4 million players is a great success when you have an opponent like Blizzard’s Overwatch. If we watch more closely to the numbers, Overwatch has got over 20 million players since the Xbox One, and PC launch came to live. At first look, you’d say, ok, Paladins is not a well-known game, but as we see more closely, the game keeps growing. Just imagine what will happen when the Xbox and PS4 Open Beta comes to live. Those numbers are going to be sky high.

What also differs from other games is that Hi-Rez gives you a chance to speak your thoughts about the last released patch. Yes, a feedback form where you can say anything you like. Every player gets the same chance to fulfill the way and send it directly to the Hi-Rez specialists. Building a community is what every game need. I remember my friends were telling me, omg this game is broken, get out of that game, etc… when suddenly a turnaround happened, and I cannot get them out from home anymore.

While Overwatch has its problems on balancing the game effectively, Paladins and Hi-Rez seem to be doing a hell of a job around that.

I will repeat it, hitting 4 million players is a big thing. This is a big success for Hi-Rez they are surely more than thankful to all the Paladins players around the world.

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