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paladins ob37 patch notes

Paladins OB37 Patch Notes Preview

We are rushing to post this excellent news on our website because we are pretty sure some of you missed the preview of the Paladins OB37 patch Notes. There is going to be a lot of new stuff. After all, applying a patch to Paladins Champions of the Realm should be a gamer’s dream come true. OB37 Patch should be something that every single player needs.

Paladins OB37 Patch Preview


As being said on their Paladins life stream event, there is going to be a broad chest. Colossal chests will give you a more significant chance of getting new skins. It’s going to be a purchasable chest that costs 75 crystals, and it will give you only rare items. Raider Pip, Viking Kinessa, Buck’s Triggerman. So basically you are getting a value of +50 crystals for a spend of 75 which makes it 125 in total. The vast chests will cost 125 crystals. There is going to be a chance to get items that cost 200 crystals. This new feature should be stunning for all the Paladins, and this new and awesome patch should bring even more people in the game. I mean, OB37 should do its job when it comes down to gamers.

paladins colossal chest

In this Paladins patch, there are going to be new changes in the Founders Pack (new champions pack incoming). They should be cool three different tiers, normal, epic, legendary. Keep in mind that the old Founders pack will go away. There will be regular champions pack, epic champions pack and Legendary Champions pack that unlocks a lot of things in this beautiful game (see the video below).


Plushy and Cuddly Makoa, the new target skins of every single player. Yes, there is going to be a new skin which comes with the OB37 patch (see the pic below).

makoa new skin

It’s a new skin that will make you love Makoa. Also, more new things are going to be covered in the latest patch. A lot more skins need to come out.

Champion Trading During Picks

Pretty simple and effective. You can trade up champions before the pick goes off. Yes, if you get a champion you wanted to try, but you are getting outpicked hard, then you can tell your teammates your best in-game champion so they can pick it for you and trade. This game needed a pick-up swap option. Congrats Hi-Rez on this one, our whole team, agrees with it.

Paladins Maps Change

Timber Mill will also get a rework in the ob37 patch. All the Paladins and Kinessa players love that map the most I guess. Timber Mill will get a new lightening touch; it will look a lot more beautiful. They are going to add a big Saw Blade too. What they want to do is make the map look more themed to its name. There are finally going to be added new mills. There will a new room, new hazard ground, portals for getting up high on the buildings, which means you are not needed to walk over there slowly. The portals need to make the game go faster I guess.  Overall, the map’s theme should be a lot more fulfilled. You can see all of the changes in the pictures below. I am telling you, Paladins starts to grow big, and the community starts with it too.

Next Prev

timber mill rework


timber mill saw blade


new lightening

timber mill portals

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New Champion Arise

Sha Lin – The Deserts Wind is here! A new champion arrives in Paladins with the OB37 patch! A new archer just like Cassie, who is going to be better?

sha lin the deserts wind


The high bow, you just click and shoot an arrow. You can hold the LMB and pull the arrow for doing more damage. In that way, you can deal greater damage, and the gravity of the arrow won’t apply by much. If you spam click you are going to lose damage, also you are not going to be that precise. While holding the LMB, you will get slower by 30%, penalizing the movement speed for more significant damage. We’ll see how that works out. He has one of the most extended distances shooting in the game. Also, you do not need to reload your weapon, as the hosts said, just like Grover.


You can use this arrow to disengage and even get a chance to stun an enemy, most likely if they hit a wall while being knocked back. You can shoot these arrows in walls too and use them as step tools to get up at some unreachable places or block enemies from accessing some areas of the map. Also, you can block an enemy while being chased. Therefore, I think this spell is going to be one of the most fun spells in the game. By the way, the pillar looks so good.


Leaps backward and goes into stealth mode while dropping an image of himself. The picture is not moving. Instead, it’s staying static. It can be used as a combo with the RMB skill.


He plants himself in a place and becomes stationary, his draw time on the bow is 65% faster, and he fires continuously. Fires arrows like a machine gun :). The average draw time of an arrow is about 1.5 seconds, and with the ultimate, it’s 65% reduced making it 0.525 seconds draw time.


His ultimate makes him go into stealth and gain 30% movement speed for 8 seconds. Another great thing is that while being active, you can draw the bow for 50% faster. Also, you are going to leave an image of yourself every 2 seconds for each arrow fired. You can confuse the enemies like this easy. There are going to be a lot of Sha Lin’s around.

You can see the Paladins OB37 Patch dev insight over here:

You can also get the Paladins OB37 Patch Notes over here:

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Paladins OB37 Patch Notes Preview

General Features
New Champion
Makoa Skin
Timber Mill Rework

Our Score

These kinds of news are always welcome in the gaming world of Paladins. Hi-Rez should definitely keep this tempo.

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