Paladins OB39 Patch Preview, New Festive Chest Incoming

Another day, another time, speaking about the same old Paladins OB patch stories. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to reveal the Paladins OB39 as the hosts did it before 3 hours. As the game is growing from day to day, it’s was time for the new patch to be announced. We’re making this Paladins OB39 Patch Preview just to keep all the players informed as much as possible.

Paladins OB39 Patch Preview, A lot is about to come!

Since the hosts started covering the founder’s pack and the changes around it, we’ll start from the same.

Founder’s Packs

All the founder’s packs are going to include +10 radiant chests and all of the default standard voice packs which means we are not going to be needed to actually pay extra for getting them. The better part is that everyone that purchased a founder’s pack before it’s going to get the same changes. Instead, they will get the chests and also the standard voice packs. So do not worry at all. You will not need to actually buy another founders pack.

The boosting of the Founder’s Pack is what every player wanted. Since we are interested in building a strong community and also Hi-Rez aim the same, they did what players asked. One of the best things is to work and build according to the community.

Boosters and Ying Weapon

The boosters in Paladins OB39 are getting changed too. Now, they are added on the daily logins too. If you have an active booster, you are going to get 5 crystals and 200 gold every single login, more precisely, day-by-day.

You can also get a new Ying weapon for free, but only you link your twitch account with Hi-Rez. It’s not only this weapon, you can get a chance to win a lot of giveaways in the future, also through the linked twitch channel.

Festive chest

As we’re getting closer to New Year’s Eve and the holidays, Hi-Rez have something new to offer. While this should not be that big of a surprise, In the next Paladins OB39 patch there will be a new Festive Chest. A new chest, with a lot of new things coming in our way.

What are these chests going to include? You can see that down below:

    Since all of the items have been shown, it’s time to see the main part of this update which is Evie’s new skin. It includes a lot of different skills animations. All the Evie lovers must get this new Skin. Below, you can see how she’s going to look:

      So, basically, you will get 9 pieces of skins and 1 full Evie’s Marry Maker set. It’s not just that, the Ice Mines map will get its theming update and the devs are still working on it.

      The goodness of the OB38 patch, OB39 patch should be better and one of the best till now.

      New Balancing

      Despite the skins, there is also going to be new champion balancing in the upcoming patch.


      • Health reduced from 5700 to 5500.
      • Reduced movement speed from 365 to 360.
      • Increasing the minimum cooldown of Shield to 9 seconds, if canceling the shield early. But there will be some kind of calculation depending on the shield’s taken damage.


      • Transporter’s cooldown will be reduced from 12 seconds to 10 seconds.
      • Using the Restore card and the teleported should give you more effective healing in the fights as a result to the reduced cooldown. So Hi-Rez is surely going to boost the Restore card.


      • Cannon damage increased from 600 to 650.
      • Ancient Rage damage increased from 600 to 650.


      • Health increased from 2500 health to 2600.

      Sha Lin

      • Grounded Card bug fix. This card was healing for 13% less than the planned value.


      • The Carry On Card will be different too. The duration of the illusions is reduced from 3/6/9/12 to 1/2/3/4.

      Bomb King

      • Knockback bug is going to be fixed. You are not going to be hit far away anymore.


      • Wormhole card is changed from 2/4/6/8 to 1/2/3/4. A lot of things are going to be changed after this nerf.


      • Heroic leap no longer slows enemies after landing.

      All of these changes should make this game kinda harder and more interesting to play.

      Are you loving it? Let us know in the comments section down below.

      Update 1.1: Twitch Linking with PaladinsGame

      Hi-Rez just uploaded a video tutorial how to link with their twitch channel in order to get free extra skins. You can watch the video over here.

      If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can mail us at team@futuregamereleases.com

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