Paladins Sha Lin Build Guide – HOMERUN, Cards Included

The new Paladins OB37 patch has brought us a new champion. As you already probably know, Sha Lin has come in the game. After many matches of playing Sha Lin, I was kind of confused what kind of build to make. I’ve tried literally 5 Sha Lin build types and cards, but however, nothing seemed to work. So, the time to step up has finally come and I finally manage to build one of the best Sha Lin’s loadout ever. This Sha Lin Build and its playstyle should be adaptive to every single player.

Sha Lin is really slow, especially when he’s in the motion of pulling the arrow.

We are not going to speak anything about the in-game purchases as they should be chosen depending on the enemy team.

Let’s move forward and see the Sha Lin’s build.

Paladins Sha Lin Build – HOMERUN, Cards

We name this build HOMERUN because of the movement speed cards we use in this build. It should give you more survivability and chance to escape too.

Card Windwall: 4 points

Windwall is one of those cards you want to pick because you gain 12% Damage Reduction during Planted. Planted is a spell where you stick in one spot and you cannot move at all, so by using this, you can avoid incoming damage by tanking it through. It’s not going to help you by much, but sometimes it might save you. I was double-minded when it came down to picking this card or Grounded. But there is a nice point for you, you can try switching things up. However, I will stick to this card for now.

Card Wanderlust: 4 points

As you can see, this is the second card at four points and they do not connect to each other at all. As I said, Sha Lin has a really bad movement speed and this can pretty much help you move faster. At least, that’s the needed playstyle of this champion. Otherwise, you suck. Getting 20% of permanent movement speed is a nice way to avoid things. Believe me, movement speed is all you need with Sha Lin. Nothing will stop you.

Card Daring Escape: 2 points

Another card for boosting the movement speed of Sha Lin. This card will give the build 20% movement speed for 3s after Planted ends. Let’s say a flanker is coming to you and you need to run away. You can stop your Planted by pressing the Q button again if you are in casting motion. This will give you a chance to pop your Withdraw which will also give you movement speed for 10% more for 3 seconds. You will be able to move faster while being invisible.

Card Mirage: 1 point

I do not think it will do much, but getting one second less cooldown on Withdraw can sometimes help you a lot. Nothing else to speak about it as it comes only with 1 point and it’s just a small asset to this build.

Card Run Like The Wind: 1 point

This will boost your movement speed by 10% more after using Withdraw. Keep in mind that this adds up to your persistent movement speed of 20% and also to your Daring Escape card. This card is making sure you run away from bad happenings on the map after going stealth for 2 seconds. I do not have anything else to add.

Do not forget that we are speaking about Sha Lin, a champion with naturally slow movement speed. That’s why we decided to go with this build as it definitely seems it’s the best Sha Lin loadout you can ever get.


I do not have much to add to the gameplay style, except to pull and shoot your arrows while standing behind the tanks. You can deal a lot of damage to their tanks. Also, using the Impaler Arrow should give your tanks an advantage sometimes, so use it whenever you can. Make sure you use your ultimate when the right time comes and before doing that, try to get an extra movement speed by using some of the spells that give you that kind of boost. That’s all I have to say.

So, If you own a good build for Sha Lin, feel free to send it to and we’ll be more than glad to review it and submit it on our website. Your name tag will be included in that build and who knows, it might be the best ever!

Hope for the best and please do not forget to leave comments down below on what you think about this Sha Lin build and HOMERUN loadout.

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