Paladins Viktor Build Guide RunNGun Cards Included

A few weeks ago, Viktor build guide was made by Angel. I agree with him on saying that Viktor is a mobile damage champion. Now, with the new patch, I have a feeling that Viktor’s abilities will be changed a lot. Patch OB38 will make changes in Viktor’s Grenade and weapon recoil.

Angel did make a great build guide for Viktor in Paladins. But, he missed Viktor’s Grenade and the recoil of Viktor’s weapon. Therefore I will make a new build guide which I call RunNGun.

Paladins Viktor Build Guide – RunNGun

viktor build guide cards

Card Flak Jacket – 2 Points:

Viktor health is very low and if you play with him like a tank-damage dealer, the chances of getting killed at the Payload site, are huge. Therefore, using the Flak Jacket II you will have additional 100 health points. Now, you can feel free and make a raid as soon as you can!

Also, Viktor’s armor points are down and the use of this card helps you to avoid more damage.

Card Compensator – 3 Points:

Because of what I have said previously, you will need to pay more attention to Viktor weapon. Now, it looks like the recoil is ok, but adding this card to your build, the weapons recoil will be perfect and there will be no need for you to break your keyboard or your mouse 🙂

This card reduces your recoil by 75%

Run and Gun – 2 Points:

As Angel said in the previous Viktor build guide, he is a mobile Champion, If so, why he was not using the Run And Gun Card? Using F and running faster (Hustle) can give you 2 ammo per second. So, I have decided to add this card and make my Champions mobility useful!

Fire In The Hole – 3 Points:

One of his abilities, as we all know is his Grenade. Why not to make this skill better? Make it better, will only earn you additional points in the game. So, using this card, 18 ammo will be generated every time you hit an opponent

Hit and Run – 2 Points:

Now, let’s use Viktor mobility. There are three opponents nearby. You kill one, there goes the double kill, but you are on low hp. What can you do? Thanks to this card, killing an enemy grants you 20% movement speed. Now, you are faster than Usain Bolt and hiding somewhere to regenerate.

To be honest, I have tried this build many times and trust me, Angel broke a lot of keyboards so far 🙂

Don’t forget to leave your comments below and let me know how this build works for you!

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