Paladins Viktor Skins and Their Cost

You all know that Viktor is a damage Champion and by the meaning of that everything you are going to need to do is to eliminate opponents. I prefer to stay close to the tanks, more precisely behind their back, and trying to eliminate those contesting the capture point. The enemies will have a lot of trouble from you. believe me. Skin sets, weapons, body… I have all covered for you!

Paladins Viktor Skins

5 Sets

  • Classic Viktor (already owned)
  • Charcoal
  • Navy – 14250 gold / 150 crystals
  • Khaki – 9500 gold / 100 crystals
  • Olive Drab – 9500 gold / 100 crystals

5 Body Skins

  • Standard Viktor (already owned)
  • Charcoal
  • Khaki – 4750 gold / 50 crystals
  • Olive Drab – 4750 gold / 50 crystals
  • Navy – 4750 gold / 50 crystals

5 Head Skins

  • Default Crew Cut
  • Charcoal Crew Cut
  • Olive Drab Eyepatch – 4750 gold / 50 crystals
  • Navy Eyepatch – 4750 gold / 50 crystals
  • Khaki Eyepatch – 4750 gold / 50 crystals

5 Weapon Skins

  • Assault Rifle (already owned)
  • Matte
  • Slate – 4750 gold / 50 crystals
  • Carnage Assault Rifle – 4750 gold / 50 crystals
  • Navy Assault Rifle – check chests

2 Emotes

  • Salute
  • Cossack Dance – check chests

2 Voice Packs

  • Classic
  • Viktor – 4750 gold / 50 crystals

    I hope you enjoy your new Viktor in your favorite game Paladins Champions of the realm. How do I know it’s your favorite game? Well, since you are here, it should be your favorite game. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments below. We are trying to become the biggest gaming community that ever existed.

    Do not forget to check this useful Viktor’s build. It’s not all about the skins you know… 🙂

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