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ps4 pro discount cyber monday

PS4 Pro Discount For Cyber Monday

Not very long time pass since the release of the best console so far, PS4 Pro. But that doesn’t mean that will be excluded from the discount fever starting from Black Friday until Cyber Monday. This time Sony wanted to keep the prices until the last day of the PS4 Pro discount.

ps4 pro discount

The best deal so far what you can find is on Amazon. Honestly, this price I quite amazing comparing to the original price. Amazon gives you the greatest deal that you can find out there for amazing 339.99$. The best thing about this offer is that the popular PS4 Pro doesn’t come in a bundle with any game. No strings attached, no promotions.

You can choose what you want to play without anyone saying you have to buy it together with this game. The games are on huge discount as well, so choose your favorite one and enjoy for the rest of the next week.

Bottom line is, this is a wonderful discount for a console that just came out. If you ever plan to buy the best console so far, today is the right moment, seriously!

My point of view

Combining Ultra HD TV and the PS4 Pro together, you get an amazing experience, that is for sure. The graphics, sound, movement, gameplay all together is a great experience.

But let’s be honest. If you did not own any console at all, this is all great and a nice firetail. But if you own PS4 and a big regular flat screen TV, I don’t think that you will feel the difference.

From my point of view as a guy who likes to play games every day. I can say that owning the PS4 Pro did not make any difference to my point of gaming. You’ll ask me why? Because, staring at the TV for 4-5hours a day every day and for instance, playing the same game but on a new PS4 Pro console. I don’t see the WOW in it.

I’m not saying I regret buying the PS4 Pro, but for the future reference, I will think about buying any other new console. My advice about buying a new console is: Buy a console if you never own one, but if you do own one wait for Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo (counting on them as the best manufacturers of consoles) to announce something different, than just the classical console with just improved graphics, sound etc.

Share your experience down in the comments box with any console you own and what is your opinion.



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