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Red Faction Gets its PS4 ESRB Rating

Red Faction gets its PS4 ESRB rating, leaving the fans in hope for a re-release on the PS4 platform. The game was considered as a failed project since the beginning, but however, the game got its love after the release.

red faction gets its ps4 esrb rating

Red Faction re-release

It seems there are new plans coming for Red Faction and its release on PS4. However, the first game in the series was rated by ESRB. Red Faction received a rating of M, which means Mature.

While this is not the first case of a game being put for a rating by THQ Nordic, Europe’s PEGI rating issued ratings for both of the Red Faction titles. This is giving all the fans a hope of a new release, re-release of a remastered version on PS4.

We still do not know what is going to happen, is it going to be a remastered version or not, we can just wait and see this question.

After 15 years after the first release now it’s definitely a good time for THQ Nordic to make the gamers to love the game a little bit better.

After the company and its bankruptcy auction off the right to the franchises it owned, THQ Nordic has been playing the game that needs to be released for many licenses it purchased, but after all, it seems like the company is still in a hard spot.

However, the publisher did confirm that it owns 23 games that are still in development so, according to this, there might be new surprises to come.

All the fans are hoping for a re-release of the game. We do hope that will happen too. It’s just a time that matters, let’s see what is going to happen.



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