How About Having A Wedding? Skyrim Marriage Sounds Fun!

Skyrim marriage and wedding ceremonies. Just imagine that you are a Breton and wants to marry a Dark Elf? That sounds crazy!

But in Skyrim, you can marry whoever you like to be you lifetime partner. No matter the gender or race! Freaky, right?


Are you ready to give your heart to someone? If there are still romantic hearts in Skyrim, get to know each other. Because with dragons and civil war, it is a little bit hard to search for love and marriage.

If you are looking for a marriage just wear the Amulet of Mara on the neck. Then if you find someone, one of you goes to the temple and arrange the ceremony. Good luck and Mara bless you.

Can you cheat? Can you kill your husband/wife?

Well as some of you may know, not every marriage is great. But, in Skyrim, it doesn’t matter at all. You can cheat, you can kill you, husband/wife. Just try to avoid killing in public because of the bounty on your head. Be smart and get the job done in your house or some hidden place.

I have to say, the remarry option is only available for PC, but not on a console. Maybe with the next patch, things will change there as well!

Till death tear us apart!

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