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The Division AlphaBridge Gear Set Build

Since the release of the new The Division update 1.5 you probably have been playing a lot of Survival mode. Well, let’s leave the Survival Mode behind and start talking about the best PVP set you can get. Because The Survival mode will start to be boring, we’ve been thinking about releasing a new AlphaBridge Gear Set Build or let’s say one of the best Dark Zone builds you can get. However, there might be better sets than this one and if there are any, we are going to update this post ASAP or release a new one.

Let’s start analyzing the AlphaBridge set and give you a quick peek of our next build. Well, since we’re being inactive for so long and finally back in the game, do not criticize at all. We are here to give you the best idea or waypoint where to start from.

Making the AlphaBridge Gear Set Build

You probably know all the AlphaBridge Gear Set bonuses you can get. In any case, let us just remind you. See the picture down below.

Let’s break this down for you. We are all probably interested in what’s the last stat offering to us. Since the AlphaBridge offers stacking talents of the both Primary and Secondary weapons, it becomes one of the most interesting sets. The only bad thing is that you must use two weapons of the same category. This means that you will be wasting your whole ammo while fighting. That’s why I am suggesting to get a higher ammo cap.

Boost the ammo as much as you can because you are going to be pushed towards the safe rooms to refill your magazines. Everyone has its own question marks above the head about what kind of set are you going to need to be unbeatable in the DZ while PVP-ing. Well, this is a nice start for creating your OverPowered build.

Imagine, getting the best weapon talents in the game at the same time… That should make you definitely king of the Dark Zone. Well, speaking of that, you are going to need a lot of armor too.

Inventory and AlphaBridge gear set’s right usage

As you can see in the picture above, 1 piece for full completion is missing. Yes, I must switch the chest armor for an AlphaBride Gear Set Mask. By doing that I will be more than able to get either Vigorous or Reckless chest armor. I personally agree that the Vigorous chest is maybe better at this time, but believe me that I’ve always been rolling with the Reckless and I kinda miss it. Getting that extra DPS is a must for me. We’ll see what is going to happen as I will post an update for sure.

AlphaBridge weapon stacking talents

I would love to jump towards the most important stat of the AlphaBridge Gear Set.

A little bit of explanation around this. I’ve tried the Striker’s gear set only because of The Division update 1.5. Why? Because it gives you an extra 10% of enemy armor reduction and thanks to the 1.5 patch, armor reduction is working in PVP.

The Calculation goes like this:

  • Let’s say the enemy player have 50% armor while the attacker, you, have 40% enemy armor damage. The enemy player ignores a percentage of your armor reduction which is 13.33. That means if he got 50 overall, after you shoot him he will get down to 36.67 armor. Please, feel free to correct me about this.

However, Striker’s Gear Set was not working that good when I tried to PVP in the Dark Zone. Given the facts about the armor reduction, now you know why I’m keeping the Destructive on one of my weapons.

What kind of talents should you use on your weapon? You can see that in the picture below:


Weapon Talents

So, getting Deadly and Brutal is a must. You probably all know that. The most important thing is the remaining talents. Make sure they are talents that will help you deal bigger damage. So, getting Destructive, Responsive, Unforgiving is a must. Also, instead of Uncomplicated, get the Vicious or Self-Preserved. You do not need Uncomplicated because it’s bad atm. Keep in mind that I wasn’t able to reroll that thing either find a weapon that will suit this build.

Getting the Fierce is also a nice option which I am still thinking about. The only thing about Fierce is that you need to have it as a free talent, which comes as third. Otherwise, Fierce will push you to get 3832 Electronics, which is going to lower down your DPS. That’s bad and that’s what happened to my build. Also, it’s the same reason why I have that much Electronics.

Keep in mind that you can play with every single category of weapons. I just decided to go with the assault rifle because of my favorite LVOA-C. I am pretty sure I am going to change to M1A though.

Do not worry, I will update this post when I get the “so called” best PVP gear ever.

The rest of the gear

Well, getting the rest of the gear should not be that hard. If I start speaking about being inevitable in a game like this, I’d probably lie to all of the agents out there. The rest of the gear should contain Savage gloves with god roll on them. I’ve got mine but they are missing Assault Rifle Damage and I cannot reroll because their main stat has been rerolled. Also, do not forget about getting a Vigorous or let’s say Reckless.

Keep in mind that your mods should feature armor only, do not get anything else. Also, your gear should have the extra Armor as a Major Attribute. This is a must people. I am trying to give you the best you can get so you better listen ;). Try to hit the 53% so the game will become a lot more interesting. Because I want to be a damage dealer, I will reroll the Electronics on my backpack into Firearms and tell you how it’s going to be.

I will update this post as soon as I change something. Get ready because the best build ever is about to come.


I forgot to tell you where can you find the AlphaBridge while playing the PVE Environment. So, with farming the Falcon Lost you can get the Gloves and the Mask. The Chest and the Holster can be find in Clear Sky and by farming Dragon’s Nest you can get the BackPack and Kneepads.


We just moved the post to our guides category because it was placed in news. Sorry about that, this should be counter as a Guide and now is on the right place.


As I’ve said before, I will reroll the electronics on my backpack so I can get more firearms to my build. So now we’re standing at 6490 Firearms, 5035 Stamina and 3017 Electronics which makes us finally feel the real DPS.

Even though it’s not the final build, it looks pretty decent. I am thinking of building the best PVP or let’s say the best Dark Zone build you can get in the game.

So, what else do we need now? We are going to need just to swap the mask for the chest armor. By doing that we should pretty much gain a little bit more of Survivability and DPS with the Vigorous chest. However, If I get the Reckless…  which I already own, I am pretty sure that we’ll be needed to boost the Toughness by a lot. Personally, I do not care that much about the Skill Power. I only care about the DPS, and after that comes the toughness ofc.

Update 1.3

Finally! Our set is ready to go since we found the needed AlphaBridge Mask and we replaced the AlphaBridge Chest armor for a Reckless Chest armor. This means pretty much that our build is over now we just need to get the god rolls on it. I do not have Vigorous yet. That’s why I am going to play with the Reckless chest piece for some time and then let you know all the difference I’ve experienced playing it.

Now, with the Reckless Chest Armor, I am dealing a lot of damage which means it’s worth. However, I would still love to switch and try the Vigorous Chest Armor.

I forgot to tell you this before. I said that replacing the replacement of the Uncomplicated talent on the weapons is a must. No, I take my word back because I’ve done a little bit of testing and all I can say is that it’s a pretty nice Damage Booster. The only part you need to do while using the Uncomplicated talent is to avoid the usage of Weapon Mods that give you Stability and Accuracy. In that way you can get higher damage up to 15% more.

Also, getting the armor damage on your gear is also really important. So basically, we are focusing on CHC, CHD and Armor Penetration. We do not need anything else because your friends are here for that.

Performance Mods

Since we forgot to speak about them, I will do it now. Because I am using the Pulse as my first skill, my performance mods have Pulse crit hit chance and Pulse crit hit damage. You should not be worried about equipping something else. This is pretty much all you need.

Update 1.4: Already there

As I was farming these days I can now show you what this build transform into. You can see the print screens below:

So, right now we are sitting at 6579 firearms, 5240 Stamina and 2813 Electronics. Keep in mind that I am a damage dealer in my group so this is why I focus on boosting my firearms as much as possible. However, my Toughness seems a bit low. That’s because of my Reckless chest piece. Yes, I still haven’t got rid of it. I can pretty much craft a Vigorous one, but I kinda like the Reckless more.

New AlphaBridge Mask

Below you can see my new AlphaBridge mask. I have a new mask with burn resistance on it. It’s nice, not that good as the armor pen but still, it’s decent. I’ve only rerolled the CHC on it.

New AlphaBridge Knee Pads

One of the most exciting upgrades is the knee pads. I finally got one with Enemy Armor Damage on it. However, I was pushed to reroll the major stat into Armor. You can see the picture below:

The God roll Savage Gloves

As I said, I was in need of these Savage Gloves because I am playing with an Assault Rifle. You can see the Savage Gloves in the picture below:

Having all of this, I think our build is ready to go. From now on there are going to be only minor changes and improvements.

Update 1.5: Farming Barret’s bulletproof chest armor

Since everyone is so hype for the Barret’s bulletproof chest armor and everyone is farming Lexington all the time, I started doing the same. Even though I personally think it won’t make that big of a difference, let’s give it a try. After I finally get the armor I will post a new update with the build’s look. For now, everything is going alright as we’ve been able to get even better knee pads and backpack rolls on our Alphabridge set. The next update will come when I get the Barrett’s bulletproof chest piece. That’s all. Stay tuned!


Update 1.6: We finally got the Barret’s Bulletproof Vest!

Huh, after 20 hours of farming the Lexington Event Center, I’ve finally managed to get the chest armor. Below, you can see the stats of the Barret’s Bulletproof Vest and the Completed build.

  • So, No skills on cooldowns increase Skillpower by 10%.
  • One skill on cooldown Increase Damage by 5%.
  • Two Skills on Cooldown Increase the Armor by 10%.

The third stat is the reason to keep our full Firearms based build. We are not moving away from that. However, even though it’s not the best of the best chests, I was lucky and got a Firearms vest. That made me able to reroll the Protection from elites to Armor.

After all those 20 hours of farming, I was also able to farm the golden Shotgun for which I do not have a print screen because I gave it to my buddy, I also forgot its name, to be honest. The Shotgun, he said, It’s really cool but it had bad stats on it. I was also able to get the Colonel Bliss’s Holster, however, the stats on it were bad. I managed to get the holster from Opening a cache too.

However, enough speaking, below you can see the full build and how it looks now:

Update 1.7

I can totally understand that LVOA-C is actually an M4, but Lightweight M4 seems like it’s dealing more damage than my LVOA-C. There is a strange difference with recoil and it seems like the Hip firing with the M4 is more precise than the LVOA-C too. In that order, I prefer to stick to my M4 instead to my LVOA-C. I also did manage to get the AlphaBridge mask with Enemy Armor Damage on it. Also, the feeling of using the Vigorous chest instead of the Barret’s one is kinda stronger. We just only need to get the highest rolls between Firearms and Stamina. It’s time to farm even more.

By the way, this is where we stand at the moment:

Now, my Lightweight M4 Talents are: Destructive, Prepared and Deadly. I think that the Brutal dps won’t do much, as it was a little bit nerfed before. Thinking about getting the Competent. Competent seems to give you a lot more damage boost so, yeah, I think we should try that. That’s all I have to say in this update. I’ll see you in a while again. Stay tuned!

We are close to finishing if not already finished with this build. Maybe it’s time for a new build? Just make sure you visit us more often or subscribe.

Are you ready for fun? Grab the Alphabridge Gear Set and make this build. You will love the Dark Zone more than ever and PVP-ing will be the only thing you want to do.

If you think there is something missing, please feel free to tell us in the comments down below. If something new comes up be sure that I will update this article right away.

Update 1.8: Alphabridge will be nerfed in 1.6

Yes, The Division 1.6 together with The Last Stand mode is going to nerf the AlphaBridge gear set. We do not know what kinds of tweaks it will receive, but it will be nerfed and because of that I am switching right away to my Striker’s gear set. From now On I will just continue building on that, only because of the Enemy Armor Damage, nothing more. I might create a new Sentry build which should work just fine after the update. So it all comes back to the first-released gear sets. See you in-game, agents!

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  1. где ты нашел все части Alpha Bridge. I want to collect himself a assembly))

    1. Hello Vladislav, you can farm it and find it pretty much everywhere. More precisely said: Falcon Lost you can get the
      Gloves and the Mask. The Chest and the Holster can be find in Clear Sky
      and by farming Dragon’s Nest you can get the BackPack and Kneepads.

  2. Did you mind to use Competent with Capable? They can be trigged togheter using a skill.
    Last but not least, if you need SP for talents rerolled you can use the Specialized backpack instead of the AB one and switch the savage gloves for the AB gloves.

    1. Hey Luke, sorry for the late response, yeah, I think like competent is a must using the alphabridge, however I am thinking about the capable talent.
      I’ve been also thinking about the specialized backpack and talking with my friend about it. I got them on me but it just doesn’t feel good, don’t know why.

      1. I’m using 4 AB + Barrett’s chest and Spec. Backpack, so I can reach enough SP to use Competent talent rerolled on my LWM4 coupled with Famas.
        The 6 talents I’m using are: Competent, Capable, Uncomplicated, Destructive, Responsive, Deadly.

        I’m pretty happy to use all these talents togheter but as you said I don’t feel really good using the specialized backpack. I feel I’m missing some constant DPS (actually dps grows up with my armor and stats using a skill that triggers capable+competent.. but this status is active only for 10-15 seconds.

        I’ll probably back to use barrett’s+savage gloves and 4 AB without competent (a good talent to reroll instead can be Brutal, Fierce or Unforgiving) due to my low SP.

        What’s your opinion?

        1. Hey Luke, yeah, that’s what I went for because, plus when using the alphabridge I like to roll the Vigorous chest piece since the Baretts is kinda crazy, I do not even know if it works good right now in the game…

          Savage, Barett’s or Vigorous… That’s what I am going for. And also I stick to my m4 instead of the Lvoa-c, just like you. That’s what I feel is the best.

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