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The Division Patch 1.5: Ubisoft Wants To Bring All The Players Back to The Game

As we are getting closer to The Division Patch 1.5, Ubisoft is planning to get the players back in the game. This turnaround by Ubisoft has started to come since The Division patch 1.4 came live. At the moment I was thinking that it was the best patch ever. Now, the patch 1.5 is going to be even better than the 1.4.

In the previous The Division Patch 1.4, I was talking about how the devs plan to build the community from zero. This patch talks about completion of building The Division’s community. Gathering the retired agents back to the game should be the way to go. After so many new sets and balancing has come, now we can finally be happy about the other things that are happening to the game.

What is going to be new? A LOT! Let’s start analyzing The Division’s Update 1.5 patch notes, the most important ones. In the meantime, do not forget that the PTS is live and running, where you can try the patch at first place. However, I tried and downloaded The Division PTS and I was not able to connect to the servers.

The Division Patch 1.5 – Important Notices

The Division Patch 1.5 should bring the Survival DLC to the game. But, the old players in the game do not need to get the DLC. There is no need to play the DLC content at all. You can become beast straight from just farming bosses in the PVE world or the DZ. Also, you will not be needed to play any kind of additional content just to become stronger, as the game is not P2WIN. Believe me, if it was p2win, I was not going to play it since March, its release.

Moving forward, Patch 1.5 will add new world tier which is going to be 5. When the 1.4 patch hit the game there were only 4 world tiers released. The fifth is coming out now as the players that been playing the game are already beasts. Also, by doing this we’ll get enemy NPC’s up to level 34.

We will get higher level items in the game. I think like they are overdoing it by leaving the players to farm all over again after every single patch. This is one of the bad parts and players can get mad easily and leave the game. I think World Tier 5 should be the last tier, period.

The Heroic Incursions will be just available in the new World Tier 5.

Cool New Stuff

Do you know what is going to be the most exciting in The Division patch 1.5? The Armor Penetration is going to finally work in PVP. After so many patches and promises they are finally going to fix that. Fixing the Destructive is one of the best things they can ever do. Ubisoft, congratulations, finally started to listen to the players. This comes as a Major Bonus instead of Minor and it’s going to make the players think if they’re going to get more armor or more armor pen on their gear. The enemy armor damage will roll only on holsters, backpacks, kneepads, masks, and knee pads.

With all of this happening, I can just say that this change will create even more options and workaround for creating a build. Keep in mind that the Enemy Armor damage from the existing masks will be removed and rerolled with a minor property.

Another great thing is that Marksman Rifles and Shotguns will make the targets flinch. This should bring funny moments in the game, can’t wait to see how is that going to look.

Because we only care about the gameplay and the feel of the game, these are the most important things that will change the game. The release of The Division Patch 1.5 should make the game a lot more beautiful for all The Division Lovers. If you like to check the Full 1.5 Patch Notes, visit this link.

Do not forget to tell us what are your thoughts on this patch by leaving a reply in the comments section down below.

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