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The Division Survival Mode and How to Survive

After so long time of waiting, The Division patch 1.5 is finally out. This patch brings one of the most exciting game modes, The Division Survival Mode. I would love to give you a tip around this. Buying the survival DLC is a must. If you ask me, I am one of the many out there that are against buying DLC packs, especially if they are bad. But however, this patch is definitely one of the best patches The Division ever got. Getting the chance to hop in the PVE and PVP world while playing a Survival Mode is a must!

Since we are talking about The Division: Survival. I would love to help you as much as I can. We are talking about a new game mode and everyone is new to it, so I am too, do not try to judge if I fail somewhere.

Surviving through the PVE

While playing the PVE mode, you should not be scared at all, you will just need to focus on your farm. By farm, I mean the items you pick. That’s your main objective. Getting the best loot from looting all the bags is a must. You will spawn in a world where there is no need to be scared of enemy human players. The only thing you should be scared from is the NPC’s or the AI. However, you will spawn in a Hideout room where you can craft your first item. Run around in the room, try to get everything lootable and go straight to the Crafting Table.

Make sure you Craft a Scarf because scarfs are kind of harder to get when you leave the hideout room. Do not forget that you are infected and you need to stay alive by injecting yourself with Medicine or using a Painkiller.

You start literally naked in the Survival Mode. All you have is green equipment and gear and 1 pistol. You will need to take care of yourself and survive. That’s why we suggest playing with at least one friend and sticking together. I just popped myself in front of 4 purples and got melted. The enemies are stronger than you can ever imagine.

Moving in the DZ direction

Yes, moving in the direction towards the DarkZone is a nice way to success. You might want to head down to the heli-crash. There you can find a lot of loot so it will help you finish the Survival Mode easier. The only other thing you need to do is make sure you loot everything you can over there. Since you are starting naked in The Division Survival Mode, you might want to start with the looting right away. There are also buildings you can go in too. Just make sure you are going to beat all the NPC’s that will come in your way. Survival mode is one of the best modes until now and you are going to love it.

Moving forward, your temperature will go down, you will get hungry, you will get thirsty… Do not be scared, you can easily use the consumables you loot on your way. Soda, Water, Canned Food or Medicines or Painkiller for freezing the Timer of the Virus.

Use soda and water for thirst, Canned Food or Energy bar for hunger, Medicines or Painkiller for freezing the Timer of the Virus and Medkits for healing yourself in a team fight and also reviving yourself if you die.

Keep in mind that the timer applies even if you go in the Darkzone too. But hey, you do not want to go in the Darkzone without the needed loot, right? After you get the loot, then it’s a great time to visit a Hideout and start crafting all the things you need.

When you start to loot, do not forget that the consumables are really important. Scarf, Jacker, Hats, they can all help you hold longer when you are outside in the wind.

Surviving in the Darkzone

Even if you are in the DZ, it will still be a PVE area. The same thing will happen but when you hop in the DZ you might want to get all the div techs you can get. The Safe Rooms in the Darkzone are your hideouts. After getting everything you can, you might want to visit a Safe room and make sure you craft your Pulse skill and also the Healing station. With those two skills, you will feel a lot more comfortable than before. Keep in mind that you can craft the skills outside of the Darkzone area too.

After you get 6 caches of different types: weapons, mods and gear caches, your job is to extract them.

Extraction in the DZ

Only 1 extraction point at a time is allowed in the Survival Mode, so imagine what is going to happen while in PVP. When someone calls an extraction, you can try to use it and extract your items. But, there is a problem. There are hunters that are going to wait for you at the extraction point and they use Medkits while they fight. The usage of the medkits instantly refills their HP. If you are more friends you might want to focus one and burst him down instantly before turning on the other.

Also, do not forget to craft a Flare Gun so you can start an extraction in the DarkZone.

Even though it’s not the most complete guide you can ever get, keep in mind that I will update this post as soon as I hit the PVP mode. I’ve started playing PVE because it’s a lot easier to get the 256 gear score items. Tomorrow I will post the PVP update.

Surviving through the PVP

Well, I was definitely wrong saying that you might want to join a group. No, if you queue alone you get players that play alone only. That means it should be easier for you to survive, but however the fights you take might become a lot harder. There is not much difference in the world. The only different thing you should do is team up with someone after going in the DZ. Killing the hunters is going to be a real pain and also the NPC’s become a lot stronger. For now, that’s all I can add.

Stay tuned because this article is going to be updated even more. Going to queue solo again, I will post something afterward for sure.

Update 1.0

After all, I said above, I can just tell you now that all you need is farming. You do not need to act smart. I just survived and extracted all of my items in the Darkzone while queuing for alone PVP survival. I was running around and trying to find and kill people. If you believe in your aim go for it and try to kill NPC’s and players also. I will bold this: Do not use your medkit instantly, because if there are more players around, the other players won’t be able to kill you and your medkit can be used to revive yourself. Basically, you will need to

PVP Update 1.1: Using every kind of situation

Basically, you will need to start using every kind of situation the game offers. Get the needed loot, if possible, make all the items blue, at least before entering the DZ. Before entering the DZ make sure you craft your pulse skill. If you can and have a lot of farm, get your heal skill also. This should help you a lot. While outside the DZ, try going in the metro because there are purple NPC’s to kill. Also, there is a lot of loot down there. Grab everything you can. I was like full of everything before going in the Darkzone. The Virus timer was not even close to killing me. Finished the game with killing two hunters, while I extracted alone. There was a player trying to kill me but without success. I’ve put him down even tho he was begging me to revive him.

This is one of the reasons why you need to team up after you go in the DZ. Believe me, it’s a lot easier when you get your yellow gear. Gold is Gold. Saying that, you will also need at least 1 golden gun with some mods equipped. Crit hit damage and chance is one of the best things to craft. Follow this guide and see you ingame. Keep in mind if there is something important to add I will update this article immediately. Now, I am going back into Survival Mode because I definitely enjoy it.

PVP Update 1.2: The Long-awaited video

I recorded a video and will post it right below as soon as I upload it on Youtube. It’s going to take a long time for the upload to finish I guess. I manage to survive and extract in the DarkZone for the second time while playing alone. I will start uploading it tonight and hopefully the upload will finish by tomorrow night. So, stay tuned! 😉

The promised video is down below and I hope it will help you survive in The Division Survival Mode:

PVP Update 1.3 Beginning might be an end

Well, since I forgot to tell you about this, I would love to let you know what can happen since the very beginning. Because there is not enough safe rooms just as the players queue on the server, you should be extremely careful when leaving the starting Safe Room. Or, If you want to get an extra Painkiller you can just try to craft your first item, get straight outside the Safe Room, take a good position and wait for the other player to get out. Do not stay very close to the safe room because while they come out they can see you faster than you can see them. So, the guy coming out always see players earlier. I just got killed in this way and that is really bad.

While playing more players, you just might want to rush to the hellicopter crash, but only if its close. If not, do not worry, there are better looting areas. But, when you loot, do not stick 4, 3 or 2 together. Instead, split down 2 parallel streets, it will make the looting more efficient.

Update 1.4: Best Buildings to loot

I know a lot probably wanted to know which ones are the best buildings to loot. Well, I will give you a little bit of tips around that. Looting a Police Station is definitely one of the best looting spots you can go to. As soon as I jump in the game I will try to post a map location. Also, while on the way towards the DarkZone, try searching for the big parking lots and do not miss them. They usually have garages with a keypad to interact with.

Despite the helicopter crash, which I doubt you’ll be able to loot it because there are going to be more players, you also might want to top every single building, because the higher you go, the bigger chance for getting an NPC’s or nice loot. So, this means as soon as you see a ladder, just try to go upwards.

Looting the apartments won’t give you much except a nice clothing. Do not expect crazy weapons or gear inside of them.

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The Division Survival Mode

The Division Survival Mode

Our Score

This is one of the best mode you can ever get and buying the DLC is a must for every single The Division player!

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  1. so far, this has been one of the best guides I have read. Keep up the work guys, you got yourself a new subscriber. Also, can you make a seeker mine build? Thanks!

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