What is New in Smite Patch 3.22?

New difficulty and Christmas twists are made by Hi-Rez. Also, the co-op mode is added called Fafnir’s Wonderland. With the new and improved form of Xing Tian’s Mountain, players can co-op and battle against AI’s. Overall, this Smite Patch 3.22 should make player’s head spin thanks to the new skins and features.

There are 15 new levels added with an interesting look and the enemies are wearing skins appropriate to the past and upcoming holidays. The difficulty is not going to be the same as in Xing Tian’s Mountain.

In this Smite Patch 3.22, Hi-Rez prepared extreme difficulties for us, but still there are Easy and Hard. Every difficulty will have its separate leaderboard. While on Easy, you will be faced with 15 rounds and that is in Tier 1. When you finish with Tier 1, you will unlock Hard where you start from round 16, which is available in Tier 2.

Along with the patch, there are achievements where you can win different rewards. There are five Tiers full with achievements depending on which mode you chose to play. We recommend the Hard mode because you can receive more points, especially for the quests available for the weekends.

We all know that the Odyssey points are important. Therefore, if you want the Cutesy Fafnir avatar, you have to roll the Cutesy Avatar chest, which is available in Tier 5. The new skins in Fafnir’s Wonderland look awesome. This Smite Patch should be really interesting to every single player.

With all new six and two special skins for Mercury and Thor, Hi-Rez is excited about the holidays. Mercury looks like a superhero and Thor is looking like a real God. Below you can see all of the gods and what they say in-game:

Snowman Geb: Freeze A Jolly Good Fellow

Captain Quick Mercury: In a blink, because once you do you’ll be fast to sleep

Barbarian Thor: What do you call raging Barberian? Whatever you want as long as you are fleeing

Hail to the King Tyr: After fighting hordes of the undead, not much else really faces you

Festive Ratatoskr: Jingle Bells (Broken Version)

Slay Bells Chiron: Spreading the holiday spirit

Two items got changed during this 3.22 patch:

Odysseus’ Bow: Costs 2100 gold (before 2450) and the physical power is decreased to 30% (before 50%)

Poisoned Star: Physical power increased to 40 (before 30)

Changes are made for these heroes:

Bellona: Two Abilities are changed. Scourge – cooldown from 18s to 20s/19s/18s/17s/16s, and Bludgeon – cooldown from 10s to 12s

Fenrir: Changes in lifesteal from 15/20/25/30/35 to 30% for every rank

Izanami: General improvements – Base damage increased from 36 to 40, Per level the basic attack damage is increased from 2.04 to 2.4

Mercury: The Movement Speed is increased from 375 to 381 and Maximum Velocity now cleanses Slow and makes the player immune to Slows for the duration

Susano: The Storm Kata – Fixed a problem where the first part of this skill could be missing FX.

Thoth: Evade and Punish – The Cooldown is Reduced from 18s to 16/15/14/13/12s to all ranks

Do not forget to tell us what you think about this 3.22 Smite Patch in the comment section down below. Smite is the most enjoyable game when played with friends.

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