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You Will Soon Try Xbox One Games Before Anyone Else

Xbox Insider Program is something that we all dream about. Being an Insider, you can gain access to every single early access thing. You have to love it, right? If you are an owner of an Xbox One or Xbox One S, Microsoft will give you the freedom of trying the early access stuff.

Microsoft it’s opening up the Xbox Insider Program which was also known as Xbox Preview Program. If you are an insider, you can quickly try every single app or games before all of the non-insiders.

If you join this program, you will be able to get more privileges than the non-insiders. Everyone that enters the program will be able to submit new ideas or adding of feature possibilities and requests. This should make the gaming experience a lot better, for all users too.

Microsoft will change the Xbox Preview Dashboard with a different name: Xbox Insider Hub.

Finally, we can all try Xbox One Games before everyone.

It will give support to multiple users. It will feature an enhanced personalization with its New UI, so it will make it a lot easier to send feedback and find things you’re looking for. Even though a lot of us do not have a clue how it will look, we can say that everything seems to get better nowadays when we talk about Xbox.

The Xbox Insider Hub should download overnight and automatically, all by itself, but only if you have automatic updates running. Also, make sure your Xbox is on Instant-on mode. Keep in mind that the changes won’t come to all of the users at once. Instead, they’ll start with a small number of active members. Every single Insider Hub member will get the changes in the next few weeks. At least that’s what Microsoft said.

All of the Xbox One users should be happy! Getting the chance of trying new games before everyone else should make everyone feel awesome! Also, getting the chance to vote at all of the games is challenging. You can speak yourself on what’s wrong or what could be done shortly to improve the games. I’d say this offer is a must and everyone should try to become a part of the Xbox Insider right now!

You can find the tips on how to get the Insider Hub on your Xbox over here: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/console/xbox-insider-hub.



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