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Yun Zhao Build Guide

I have to say that Yun Zhao is one of the most played heroes in Mobile Legends. But, without the perfect build guide he doesn’t do much.

Yun Zhao spells are Dragon Flurry, Supreme Warrior, Spear Strike and Spear Flip. His passive skill Dragon Flurry gives him a combo attack on an enemy every 6 seconds. Supreme Warrior gives Yun Zhao +30% in movement speed, +45% attack speed and becomes immune to disabling effects.

He charges to a target, deals 260 physical dmg and decreases their movement speed by 30% with his Spear Strike. With Spear Flip, he lifts an enemy over his back, deals 300 physical damage and slows the enemy for 2 points. As a battle spell, you can choose Fury, as will increase his attack speed and physical attack.

Yun Zhao Build Guide

Raptor Machete

Add +35 points to his physical attack and 12% on his attack speed. I recommend this item at the very begging of the game. So farm more and leave the enemies aside.

Swift Boots

Increases his attack speed by 15%. In total that will give him +27% attack speed.

Demon Hunter Sword

Adds +45 to his physical attacks, 30% more on his attack speed and 10% lifesteal. With the items from above, he is ready to go solo against 2 enemies. This will grant him additional HP with every hit.

Demon’s Advent

Increases his HP for 920 points and adds 64 to his armor. We need to increase his armor and HP as the enemies are growing stronger.

Athena’s Shield

His HP gets +900 points and Yun Zhao’s magic resistance is increased for 56. His HP has increased +1820 points. Now, no one stands a chance against Yun Zhao.

Wind Chaser

His physical attack is increased by 60 points. This item will just add the “cherry” on the top. Depends on the game time, you might have a chance to buy, but it is not needed at the beginning of the game.

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    1. I like to use Stun to help him escape 🙂 Or interference is good to jump on enemies lurking by their towers 🙂

    2. I like stun for easy escaping or interference to surprise enemies lurking by their tower with their guard down 🙂

      Build Wise I would have thought tooth of greed or thor’s sting are a must-have for any fighter cos of the lifesteal so I would deffo have one or both of those for Yun Zhao 🙂

  1. execute normally… additional burst damage… you can also use weaken if you want the enemy to go slooooooow and receive more damage for a while…

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