ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 253 With New Content

In this ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 253 we will present you all the new content available in the game. You can not believe what Studio Wildcard got for us for this festive days.

The good part about this Patch 253 is that with all of this new content, a new patch is also cooking for January 2017 patch 254. You can check all the details for Patch 254 here. Here is what is new in update 253:

ARK: Survival Evolved patch 253 news

Cnidaria Omnimorph – Simple to train this is a quite a Cnidaria for various species of Jellyfish. With the ability to sting these creatures are the best if you keep them next to water creating a circle around the camp. Extra protection from the water and from land as well. The biotoxin is deadly, so it would be a perfect asset for creating toxic powerful darts.

Pegomastax Fructarator – About this guy what can we say, he just wants to eat plants and he loves them. With his ability to steal, he is good to keep one or two aside, anyway, they want to be alone. This excellent scavenger is not such a good looking, take a look. But still, it’s good to have one.

Therizinosaurus Multiensis – Harvesting ability that is his specialty and he loves to do. Looks like a T-Rex and he is one of the strongest on the island. With his claws, he can very easily take down an enemy or take tasty leafs from the bushes. When you need him for harvesting Therizinosaurus is always ready and also for combat he will never say no.

Troodon Magnanimus – This is a different kind of creature. Maybe one of the smartest in his kind on the island, Troodon is very difficult to own. You can’t just tame him and be his favorite. You need to earn its loyalty through the love of the hunt and accept him as it is. be careful because Troodon Magnanimus is dangerous and like I said, he loves to hunt.

Tusoteuthis Vampyrus – In other words, this is the giant Vampire squid. It is slow, big and scary and will never hurt you if you are not coming any closer to him. if you do, the chances of your bones being crushed in small peace are big. After he catches you with his tentacles and crushes you he will also suck your blood. Many tribes go down underwater to provoke him just so he extract his black ink and after they make fuels out of his content. This is how he looks like.

This Patch 253 also introduces two new underwater caves to TheIsland, with new challenges and artifacts. To unravel the mysteries of this two caves in ARK: Survival Evolved you have to dive in. To the depths of the dark waters, you can find two new artifacts and you have to beware of the scary creatures that you might face.

Like a small but very big feature in ARK: Survival Evolved patch 253 is the surprise from the devs, Studio Wildcard. It’s a camera where you can take pictures with your “army” and save them for the future. Like a cool family picture for Christmas, aww that’s cute.

ARK Winter Steam Sale

The Steam’s Winter sale is now live which means ARK: Survival Evolved can be yours on PC/Mac/Linux for a 60% off. The Scorched Earth Expansion Pack is also available at 33% off

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