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Arma Mobile Ops Update 1.5.0 is Out!

One of the biggest Arma Mobile OPS Update is finally out. The new Arma Mobile Ops update 1.5.0 is here and ready to satisfy 500,000 commanders over the whole world.

Given the fact it’s one of the biggest updates in the game’s history, the game will now support a new game mode that will support the PvP and Single Player style of gameplay. This strategy game can be found on the APP store and also Google Play. The reason why you should get it is that is playable for free. Doesn’t matter how long you’re playing it.

Players that loves battling now are able to attack enemies from the opposite faction. All of those who prefer building over destruction, now can help by building your faction base. At every end of a season, all members of the faction will be rewarded.

What else has been changed?

  • The UI has been improved for better user experience.
  • Screens causing confusion have been reworked and now they are more self-explanatory
  • Soldiers gain experience and reach rank 15 instead of 8
  • Weekend challenges that are going to test your wits and strenght.

If you want to know more about the game, follow this link.

If you love playing this game, do not forget to comment down below and leave your thoughts on this update.



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