Battlezone Classic Mode Update Is Coming On December 20

Battlezone is going back to the 1980 style, with retro mode on PSVR. This update is just around the corner and it’s coming live next week on December 20.

Atari released Battlezone 36 years ago and create a whole new genre, the first person shooter. Now, when the game is out for PlayStation VR, the developers are trying to bring back some of the old content. Adding back the Classic Mode was a big challenge for the developers. But they’ve made it possible. The original arcade experience is back for PSVR. On December 20, Battlezone is getting the Classic Mode as a free update for all players.

You will find yourself in the modern Cobra tank and you will not need the periscope anymore. Changes will take place also in the tank movement. The developers have added a “twin track” controls. Now, the left stick controls the left track and the right stick, the right track. As they say, it may sound simple, but requires skill to use it. But, you can choose, whether you like to use the “twin track” controls or the modern controls in Battlezone. So nothing to worry about, Classic Mode is just for fun!

In addition, the iconic volcano, an old-school element is implemented in Battlezone Classic Mode. Back in the days, a lot of players had problems with loosing their score when there is a power cut. Now, that is changed. Battlezone Classic Mode will support online leaderboards and you will get more than three characters for your in-game name.

If you don’t own the game yet, Battlezone is 30% off until December 20. This can be a perfect retro gift for yourself or some of your friends. Don’t miss this chance and get it ASAP!

Have fun and enjoy Battlezone’s free Classic Mode with the neon-lit arcades.

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