DOOM Bloodfall DLC Available Now Adds New Maps, Weapons And More

One day before the official release date, DOOM Bloodfall DLC is released.

This is the third and the last DOOM DLC pack and it brings new diverse maps, Cultist set, three new maps, a Grenade Launcher weapon, new Demon and new equipment. Three new maps are now available, Outbreak, Boneyard and Empyrian.

In addition, with the release of Bloodfall, DOOM is getting a new update to improve the multiplayer experience. Below you can find what this DLC is going to change.

3 New Maps

Empyrian – a fight in an ageless colosseum.

Boneyard – a Battle in the outer realm of H***, made entirely od demon flesh, teeth and bone.

Outbreak – UAC facility transformed after underworldly science breaks free from containment.

New weapon

Bloodfall will also bring us a new weapon which is a Grenade Launcher. An UAC-banned weapon to bank grenades off walls and deal area damage or just use the secondary fire to pop a smoke grenade and conceal the position of yours in the eyes of the enemies.

New Demon

As we said above in this text, Spectre Pinky is that new Demon. Fast demon with Spectre abilities with which you can sneak up on your enemies by being invisible or bull rush to insta-gib all in your path.

3 new Hack modules

The three new hack modules we’re getting are Extra Protection that gives extra armor per health pickup, Augmented Healing which gives you extra health per health pickup and Glory Sight

New Equipment

Lateral Thrusters are going to make you able to dodge enemy fire and add a third mid-air jump item that provides short directional movement boost.

  • 4 new cultist armor sets, themed
  • 15 new customization patterns and colors

Doom – Bloodfall DLC Multiplayer changes

The Multiplayer mode is getting new changes and one of them is Fixing an issue with the Combat Shotgun because Rapid key was causing a high shotgun damage.

Also, improvements to matchmaking have been done too. This has been done because it was needed to change the way this game hooks different players. This should help players find a match a lot faster by reducing the playlists only to two – Team play and Free-for-all.

Players will be able to vote the maps and also the modes while in the lobby. They will be able to select different region too. Bethesda thinks that this should make players find matches a lot faster and enjoy the game even more.

Everyone will get the new update, regardless if you have the DLC content or not.

Now you can vote for maps and modes in the lobby. This is done in order to enable players to find matches faster, regardless of their region.

Just a quick reminder, don’t forget about the Party Play System. This allows you to get access to all DLC maps, only if a player in the lobby owns DLC content.

Also, to celebrate the release of Bloodfall, DOOM will get a Double XP weekend. This event starts today and will end on December 19. Level up to Echelon 11 by playing new multiplayer content. As you reach level 50, DOOM’s Marine Armor will be unlocked.

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