Dota 2 Boston Major: Team OG Are in The Finals

As we’re getting close to the Finals and to the end of The Dota 2 Boston Major Tournament, we got the first finalist, Team OG. Yes, they won against the team of Evil Geniuses in a very dominating way not letting them take even one map.

There is more to come today, as we’ll just start to witness the game between the teams of Digital Chaos and Ad Finem. Digital Chaos have proved themselves doing a good job over the previous games.

While the underdogs, Ad Finem, managed to get all the way up to the semifinals, this should be their biggest challenge of their life. On the other side, Digital Chaos have already been surprising us at TI this year, but, can they do the same on this major or even win the major? Well, we should wait and see.

Also, Misery has even a bigger responsibility right now while the team of Ad Finem, the underdogs, can take away literally everything from him and destroy him down. Overall, Ad Finem can’t wait to take this win over Digital Chaos, the team that left a big mark behind them on this year’s TI.

On the other side of the happenings, the team of OG would love to get Ad Finem as their opponent in the finals.

You can watch the live stream at Being a gamers ourselves, we can’t wait for the game to start and watch the full game because we do know what really can be the outcome of this game. According to our team of gamers, this should be the most fun and exciting to watch matchup on this Dota 2 Major.

For now, let’s just enjoy the match and talk later.

Ad Finem Won the Game with 2-0.

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