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Franco Build Guide In Mobile Legends

Franco, in Mobile Legends is part of the Fighters, a class where you need a good build guide in order to deal a lot of damage and get the MVP medal.

In his class, Franco is with the highest mana bar 440 points and highest mana regen 46. He uses his mana to cast Iron Hook and bring the enemy closer. After, Franco slows the enemy with Fury Shock and uses his ult to finish them.

If you want to know about his skills, you can check this article and become a PRO!

Franco Build Guide

With the following build guide, Franco will have a significant increase in his Hp, physical attack, attack speed, movement speed, magic resistance and armor.

Blade of the 7 Seas

Get this item first. It will add +65 to his physical attack, +300 HP and +20% attack speed.

Rapid Boots

Adds +50 to Franco movement speed

Cursed Helmet

This item adds +920 HP and +50 magic resistance

Athena’s Shield

Adds +900 HP and +56 magic resistance. Also, regens 20 HP

Wing of the Apocalypse Queen

Getting this item gives you +15 physical attack and +770 HP

Brute Force Breastplate

Adds +770 HP and +40 armor

This is the perfect build guide that allows Franco players to own in Mobile Legends. In a previous article, you can see Balmond‘s and Yun Zhao‘s build guide.

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