Garry’s Mod December Update Is Here

Gary’s Mod new update is live right now on Steam. To get the December update, first you will have to restart the game and then it will download automatically.

The new Garry’s Mod update fixes a lot of bugs and adds some changes to the game, Lua API and changes to GMad program. Now, hunter helicopters are the same as the ones from Half-Life 2, due to the new updated resources. Considering the updates made in the game, the server browser shows more servers, and the error messages are improved when you try to create add-ons.

Just a heads up, it may take up to 15 mins for the game to update and if you see a note “Server is running an older version”, just give it a try one more time. Below you can see the full list of changes and fixes.

Garry’s Mod December Update

  • Added ‘-nogammarmap’ command-line parameter. This will disable the game’s built-in gamma correction and use your system’s settings
  • Hunter helicopters now perform behavior from Half-Life 2: EP1 and EP2
  • Server browser now shows more servers and ranks them slightly differently
  • Burning props no longer have their gibs ignited on destruction. This was causing some performance issues
  • Disabled the VGUI hotkey system (freaky internal behavior that made ampersands work weirdly)
  • Improved error messages when failing to initialize the Steam API
  • Improved performance of voice-chat mouth movement animations
  • Improved performance of traces (traces that have a function as their filter no longer have the filter called way too many times)
  • Improved performance when checking if entities have a RenderOverride method
  • Fixed some animations not looping (e.g. noclip animation)
  • Game no longer crashes when applying decals to models with a high amount of polygonsFixed buggy
  • Fixed buggy behavior when a player dies whilst climbing a ladderFixed crash that
  • Fixed crash that occurred when printing some characters to the console when Windows is set to use certain non-english languages

Lua API Changes

  • Added Entity.GetFlexIDByName

GMadChanges to the GMad program

  • Improved error messages when trying to create add-ons

Please visit the official website to see the full changelog.

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