Gear.Club Review: Graphics, Sound, Gameplay

Eden Games announced Gear.Club for IOS at October 27th and after was released for Android on November 23rd. I will make a full coverage what is available in the game, what to do etc. We are making this Gear.Club review because, Gear.Club is the newest good game in the mobile racing community.

Gear.Club Review: Graphics, Sound and Gameplay

We are happy writing about this game. As most of our reviews start with a graphics section, this one will have the same start-up. I cannot tell you how glad I feel for making this project and how big of an importance it is. I hope you will like it!

Do not forget, guides will be available soon, as we’ll make it happen in order to help you improve your skills, cars, and full Gear.Club gameplay. Enough talking, let’s start with the review.

Graphics Review

When we talk about graphics in Gear.Club we can easily see that for an indie project, Eden Games did a magnificent job. All the stages have a feeling that you are racing some open world game. I don’t want to make a comparison to other games but as a new 2016 racing game, I think they really pot an effort in the graphics. Although, for playing Gear.Club you need to play it on a new or good phone.

Me personally, I play it on Note 4 and I don’t have any problems with the graphics. I’ve heard some stories that people with not so strong phones, can’t even install Gear.Club or even if they do the game crashes. I don’t know if this was actually the plan to Eden Games. Maybe they did this on purpose or the game will come in the future with better updates.

Sound Review

The sound of the cars, squicking tires, the work of the mechanics in the garage and many other details. All of this features are well organized and I can not complain. Overall soundwise Gear.Club is the newest racing game and it offers nice features.

Gameplay review

For this Gear.Club review I will only mention all the features that this game contains. In the Guide what I promised above I will give you exact directions how to use all the features in Gear.Club to get maximum success in no time. But first, let’s take a look what can we find to use in Gear.Club to improve your gameplay.

Championship events

The main events in the map shown into Gear.Club are divided into four main categories: A, B, C and D. Each category is divided I three subcategories. For instance: A – A1, A2, and A3; B – B1, B2, and B3 etc. In every subcategory, you have to buy a different car because you can’t drive an A2 championship with an A1 vehicle.

Gear.Club leagues

Leagues are important to race because they give you trophies and you are ranking yourself between your friends and with the world. On the end of every season, you will get promoted depends if you reach the sufficient amount of trophies. This is how they look by a number of trophies you win:

  • Starter: N/A
  • Rookies: 25 – 124
  • Semi-pros: 125 – 279
  • Pros: 280 – 439
  • Experts: 440 – 619
  • Masters: 620 – 839
  • Champions: 840 – N/A yet
  • Legends: TBA

Flash events

These events are available in every Five hours by one and can give you a decent boost of money or gold. Also, you can get to race with a car that you don’t have purchased yet. This can help you decide if you want to buy that car in the next category. Let’s say: your current position is in category A3 and the time has come to race a Flash event with a car from B3 category. If you like it how it handles, during the game you know what will be the next car to buy in B3 category.


Following and completing all the achievements in the game will give you a gold boost. The gold in this game is as well important as the money because in every category you have the option to buy a car with gold. Also, purchase items in the Performace shop for decorations.

Daily Jo’s and Max’s missions

  • Jo’s missions are non-stop on the menu. As soon you complete one mission you get a certain money price (not gold).
  • Max’s missions, unfortunately, can give you free “rewinds”.

Car Dealers

Every subcategory has it’s own Car dealer place to purchase your favorite vehicle for that certain category.

Performance shops / Workshops

  • Paint – Changing you car color can be done in this shop. A variety of colors is available here such as metallic, chrome and matte.
  • Body – If you want your car to be lighter, install this shop and you will get speed, acceleration and the best handling on the road.
  • Service – This is the place where you actually repair your vehicles after your race. The more you upgrade your workshop the faster you repair. You can upgrade your shop four times.
  • Wind tunnel – Here you can improve your streamlining, traction control and the stability of high speed.
  • Mechanical – In this shop,  you can upgrade your engine and gear box increasing both power and efficiency of your transmission.
  • Tires – In here you can upgrade your tires and brakes. This helps you a lot with road holding, handling, and braking. You can upgrade your shop four times
  • Lockers room – You start with three mechanics and of course you can improve their skills by improving the Loker room or their abilities. The more you upgrade the Locker room the more members you can own. You can upgrade your shop three times.
  • Cosmetics – With this shop, you can customize your cars by adding spoilers, hoods, rims, bumpers or side skirts. You can upgrade your shop three times.

I’m a big fan of racing games, so this is one of the best mobile racing games that gives me full comfort and I’m stuck with my phone playing Gear.Club since the release for Android. I hardly recommend Gear.Club for all racing freaks like me.

Make sure you vote and leave your comments or suggestions and let me know how far did you get.

Gear.Club Review

Gear.Club Graphics
Gear.Club Sound
Gear.Club Gameplay

Our Score

A nice Gear.Club Review that will boost your winning enthusiasm and make you love the game even more.

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