Gear.Club Tips How To Win Championships On The Map

This information that will be in this article will help you improve trough the game fast and easy. You just have to follow a few simple steps and believe me you will be on top of the rank in no time. This Gear.Club tips will help you, but you have to be consistent in playing the game every single day. I will explain why and for how many hours per day.

For starters, like I promised the other day that I will make a Gear.Club tips review about the game and as full as possible coverage for the game. Today I decided to start with the map. Get to know you better what you can find and what to aim for.

Gear.Club is a fantastic game for an Indie company like Eden Games. They really know what the racers want, so they created the best of the best and fit in one marvelous Franch chapter, Gear.Club. Let’s get to the point, shall we?

Gear.Club tips about handling the map

The map is full with championships. In order to open better, stronger, faster or more exotic cars you have to start from category A. So far, there are 4 categories of championships with 3 subcategories. Here is what you need to know how to open the subcategories properly.

Recommendations and cars

A – A1 cars: The very first thing you need to do is buying a car from the Car dealer for category A. I suggest you buy the Nissan 370z (Follow my lead and don’t spend any money aside in the garage nor wherever). Then, you choose the first subcategory A1 and finish it. When you finish the first subcategory feel free and go to your Performance shop and repair your car. After repairing your car add some upgrades to the Nissan adding: 1 Engine, 1 Gearbox, 1 Tires and 1 Brakes.

Then you are ready for the next subcategory from category A, in this case, A1. Don’t worry, after you finish the first category, the game automatically unlocks you the next one, but this one requires higher PI.

A2 cars: Now comes the time when you have to buy a car to race for A2 championships. Maybe some of the cars they cost gold but believe me in this car dealer A2 you can find the perfect car (BMW Roadster Red Camo) for finishing all the A2 championships even not fully upgraded. The reason why I suggest you buy a gold car is because you’ll need the cash for upgrades in the future. This car cost 270 gold coins.

A3 cars – My suggestion for this cars is the Alfa Romeo 4C. With this car, you can finish all the A3 races given in the map without fully upgrading it to the max. Required PI (Performance Index) to finish all of the races is 200. Totally enough, you don’t need to spend more money because you can’t use this car in any other  events further. This car will cost you 70.000.


Every time when you open the main categories A, B, C or D the very first ones are easy to race with any car and without upgrades. For example, you finished all the races from A. At the very same moment you get it open the basic A1 events. These events you can race them with the same car, no upgrades!

Category B is open and subcategory B1 is open as well. These races, these two championships you can race with one car and finish them in 1st place WITHOUT UPGRADES. That is approximately 30 stars. These are perfect money for you and make sure u use them wisely.

IMPORTANT: Every single race that you finish in this or any subcategory on the end of the race, don’t forget to click on “double the money” button. Every day you are allowed to double your money after finishing the race around 10-15 times. This will boost your money income and believe me you’ll need it. Aim to finish 1st for every race. I almost forget, the boost for double money is available every day after midnight.

Pro TIP: For every race, no matter what category you are, if you find it difficult to get the 1st place here is what you should consider it doing. Before the finish line, before the race ends let’s say you are at position 4, all you need to do is hit the pause button and just hit “Give Up”.

With this Tip, you are actually not receiving any money. Your “double the money” chance is not used and of course, your time is not recorded. Practically, you didn’t lose, you just leave the race before it ends.

Other features

Car Dealers – The car dealers are also located on the map. Like I said before, don’t buy any cars until you finish racing with A1 subcategory. The only time when you buy a car is actually when you finish with A1 completely, then you go with buying a car from an A2 car dealer.

Flesh Events – The Flesh events are VERY IMPORTANT. They are available every 5 hours and maybe this is the main problem what you have to do during the day. I hope you have time at least to play the game 4-5 times per day only for Flesh events that are in total 20 minutes.

And the regular racing trough championships around 2-3 hours. Let’s say roughly you have 4 hours playtime per day. For some can be a problem but if you decide to go up with fast and sure pace, it worth it.

Online multiplayer – Place where you can test your car and push your skills to the limit for the fastest time. The faster time you make the more trophies you get. The trophies can give you a rank what kind of racer you are. This I don’t recommend you to do it at least for the first 3 days. You can very easily get disappointed from the time that players can make, racing those tracks. After 3 days actually your car can be ready and you can give it a shot.

More tips are coming very soon about the garage, employees and races.

Make sure you share all your progress and be careful what you buy and how you upgrade. If you have any questions regarding Gear.Club fell free to ask below in the comments. Stay with us and thank you for your attention and see you on track.


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