Ghost Recon Wildlands: Bolivia is the Way to Go!

Everyone is excited about this one. While the pre-registration is still ongoing for the beta, we find out how awesome it was in determinating which country will be this game into. Now, we know that the open world is going to be built according to Bolivia.

Why did they decide to make Ghost Recon Wildlands Open World around Bolivia? Well, according to Benoit Martinez from Ubisoft Paris, the decision was brought since the very beginning. Bolivia was the only location for this game. Given the fact that this game offers a lot of similar resources like The Division, this game can be the next big thing in the Gaming World. Graphics, Sound and Gameplay, everything just looks so amazing in all of their videos.

The little trip

In order to create the Open World in a better way, a team from Ubisoft Paris decided to take a travel to Bolivia, in order to study and learn more about the country. All of their time has been spent on traveling across the country, taking pictures, recording videos and also, communicating with people that live there. Given the fact that Bolivia also offers amazing eye-sights and view, instantly came out to be the favorite.

Martinez also said that their biggest challenge is to define our world. He also said that the team has been split into the north, south, east, and west regions of Bolivia. Ubisoft’s team also visited coca fields and talk with people that grow and cultivate the crops.

After all of those happenings, the team came back and started working in order to build a perfect world in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

The new World – Bolivia itself

The world will be big, indeed. However, it’s not going to be the same like Bolivia because, in order to make the game more enjoyable for the player, they must change it according to that. However, you can feel the tradition and the view of it, for sure. If you are Bolivian, you will notice the similarity for sure. Ghost Recon Wildlands has over 11 biomes, different terrains, desert, mountains, humid jungle and more…

You enemies are going to be the Santa Blanca cartel, rebels, corrupted government etc… All of those react on how the ghosts proceed with their mission. It’s not just the reaction to the surroundings.

They are aiming at building a perfect full-size world. Also, Martinez said that their purpose is to offer a better design quality.

All of the hard work put into this should make Bolivia and its environments more enjoyable when the game come out. At last, Martinez said that everything is about creating the world that design the missions to all of the players, while also designing the story.

Ghost Recon Wildlands will be released on March 7. It will launch for PS, PC and Xbox One. We are already registered for the beta version. Let us remind you that you can register yourself too by clicking on this link. I really hope you’ll love this game.

If you ask us, we are scared something might go wrong. We really love this game to come out as fast as possible so we can enjoy playing it.

Check out this beautiful and fantastic trailer below:

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