Heroes Of The Storm Mines Reopen

This week Heroes of the Storm is getting its brawl in Mines Reopen.

This event features shuffle pick hero selection with a standard Heroes match and the re-worked and -re-released Haunted Mines. Your mission is to the destroy the enemy core, by collecting skulls in the mines and offer them to the Grave Golem, who will help you to achieve your goal.

Rules are meant to be followed, so Heroes of the Storm Brawl have them too. You have only 30 seconds to pick one out of three Heroes before you enter the Haunted Mines. There are three primary objectives in the Mines. Venture Underground, the Mines will open from time to time with an Undead Army. Collect the Skulls, you have to eliminate the Undead and get their skulls to summon the Grave Golem. Unleash the Golems, when you defeat the army of the Undead, each team will get a Golem to assist in crushing the Structures.

Also, new update will take place. This will adjust the spawning of the Grave Golems and the level’s center area. Now, you will find the Grave Golem at its center of the Underground Mines.

You will get awesome rewards as well, by finishing three matches of The Mines Reopen and getting 1.000 gold. The event starts on December 16. To find out more about the Heroes Brawl, please visit the official website.

Some of the players have already tried the Heroes of the Storm Mines Reopen and they are having a blast!

With this update, Blizzard made it more fun then it was in beta! Keep up the good work!

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