Heroes Of The Storm Weekly Sale And Happy Feast Of Winter Veil

Brand new Weekly Sale starts for Heroes of the Storm and new items are on discount.

It is time for a brand new Weekly Sale! Each Weekly Sale new items are on the list for a discount. The previous items are returning to their normal price. Real-money prices are discounted for a 7 day period.

This time the sale will start on December 13 and will last until December 20. For this week, Murky, Grunt Murky Skin and Glam Metal E.T.C Skin are on sale. Here you can see the new price. So visit the Heroes in-game Shop and get the item you want!

In addition, Happy Feast of Winter Veil patch is coming. This will mark the Holiday celebration for Heroes of the Storm and offers event quests rewards, bundles, 25% exp bonus and new skins and mounts. The Winter Veil 2016 bundle will include special snowflake mount, Lunara, Winter Veil Lunara skin, Nazeebo and Gingerdread Nazeebo skin.

The classic bundle includes Stitches, Greatfather Winter Stitches skin, Sylvanas, Sugar Plum Sylvanas skin, Jaina, Winter Veil Jaina skin, Rehgar, Greatfather Winter Rehgar skin and reign deer mount. If you want to get a Special Snowflake portrait or a permanent access to the Festive Treasure Goblin Mount, you need to finish 25 games, excluding the ones in Heroes Brawl mode.

So, if you want to participate in the celebration, make sure to log in between December 14 and January 4.


The Weekly Sale continues until January 10. Nexus is with new items on sale now. You can find Artanis for $4.99, Purifier Artanis Skin for $3.74 and Tempest Regalia Jaina Skin for $3.74 in the Heros of the Storm in-game shop.

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