Mirana +2 Multishot Sacred Arrows Talent, Broken Or Not?

While we’re still analyzing all the new features that came with the 7.00 patch, we wanted to discuss about Mirana +2 Multishot Sacred Arrows talent. This talent seems to be broken at first sight but let’s face the facts.

I mean, You can hit those arrows that precise only if you are being closer to the enemies. I do not believe you can hit all of those 3 arrows that easy. It might need some additional skills for that. For now, let’s just analyze her Sacred Arrow spell, then try to calculate and judge is it worth to take the talent or not.

Sacred Arrow Ability

I am pretty sure most of the people knows how this spell work. Doesn’t matter, let’s just write it down once again. So Sacred Arrow fires an arrow that can travel pretty much. The arrow goes in straight line and damage the first enemy it strikes. It travels up to maximum of 3000 range and the further it travels the longer the stun is applied. The stun timing is between 0.1 shortest hit and 5.0 seconds counted as the longest hit of the arrow. So this is why you need to stay further away from the enemy and try to hit it. Yes, it seems bad but if you hit it right, it might follow an easy kill for your team. Basically, for every 150 distance of traveling, the stun duration upon impact increases by 0.5 seconds. The bonus damage added also increases by 14.

The bonus damage added also increases by 14. Sacred arrow can also hit invisible units. Do not worry, if you don’t see them and the arrow hits, you will hear the voice of POTM saying something like “Perfect” or different. basically the maximum damage the arrow can get if it travels furthest away can be 140. However the damage scales in this order: 50/140/230/320. You can see the spell in the picture below. This picture is taken after the 7.01 Dota 2 update.

While all the talents come on every fifth level after hitting level 10, this talent comes at level 25. Let’s see how the Sacred Arrow spell looks after being buffed by using the +2 Multishot Sacred Arrows talent. We made a gif image in order for you to understand it better.

Mirana +2 Multishot Sacred Arrows Talent

By using the 25th level talent which is +2 Multishot Sacred Arrows Talent, it means that you can fire 3 arrows instead of one. However, it might seem really hard to land all of those 3 shots. I mean, it’s going to be hard to hit even 1 of the arrows, not all the three of them. You can see the image below how actually it works.

mirana +2 multishot sacred arrows

The enemies are not going to stand in the same spot like in the gif above. They will know what is going on and If you already hit them once, even with one arrow, they will prepare for the next time. Do you think that landing all of the three arrows is easy? I mean, hitting 1 arrow is easier comparing to all the three. When you get 3 arrows, you just shoot them and stop thinking about hitting someone.

But, there is a good reason why you should pick this talent. If you are close to 3 enemies, they will be hit by the 3 arrows. This means they will receive a lot of damage even though the stun won’t hold them for so long, and with the Aghanim’s Scepter build you can deal even more damage to them. Given that fact, this talent is not that good niether bad.

Sometimes it might help you and sometimes might just cost you a game. This is our opinion. If you have your own, you can always post it in the comments down below.

Since we started speaking about talents, let’s preview Mirana’s talent tree below.

Mirana Talent Tree

You can see Mirana’s talent tree in the picture below. All of Mirana’s Talents point towards the fact that Mirana should have a role of a harder carry than before. With all those talents like, +8 Agility, +30 att speed, +40 damage and +100 Leap Attack Speed it could just look really strong.

That’s all we have to say for now. Do not forget to leave your comments down below and tell us your thoughts on Mirana’s talents.

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