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Mobile Legends Bane Build Guide

Bane or the Lord of Seven Seas is a hero in Mobile Legends with low physical attack and attack speed. The following gear build guide will give him additional damage and speed.

I suppose many of you have played with Bane and you got a feeling that he is very slow and useless. I will change that. As you already know, he is with one passive and three casters. By the way, I have to say I love his ult, because it is very easy to get to Penta kill!

Bane Build Guide

Bane uses the power of the Sea to own in a match and his sword for a vendetta upon his lost ship, the Black Pearl. This guide will increase his mana bar, magic power, physical attack, attack speed, critical chance and armor.

Endless Blade

This item increases his attack and adds +50 physical attack, +25 magic power, +350 HP, +5% movement speed, +15% lifesteal and +400 mana


Adds +850 HP, +36 magic resistance, +35 HP regeneration and +10% cooldown reduction

Magic Shoes

Bane’s movement speed gets +40 points and also his cooldown reduction gets +10%

Dominance Ice

Increases his mana +500, his armor +70 and gives him +5% critical strike rate reduction

Brute Force Breastplate

Adds +770 HP and +40 to Bane’s armor

Athena’s Shield

Defense item that increases Bane’s HP for 900 points and adds +56 magic resistance. Also, regens 20 HP pts and creates a shield that absorbs up to 1150 damage.

On the image below, you can see what is the effect of this guide. Don’t forget to subscribe and get the greatest builds!

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  1. umm with no immortality bane’s chance of surviving in a clash is pretty low and with his ult He might even win the clash! with tho commbination of flicker, after he dies and brought back to life thanks to immortality they won’t be aced and he can defend the lanes

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