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Mobile Legends Hayabusa Build Guide

Hayabusa is an assassin in Mobile Legends, who received the title of Shadow as the strongest ninja. Below you can see my build guide on how to play with him and what gear to get.

This ninja is with 4 skills. Ninjitsu Shadow Blade, Phantom Shuriken, Quad Shadow and Ougi Shadow Kill. One of Hayabusa’s skill is passive that grant him HP regeneration after dealing 5 hits of ability damage on the same target. So, I was thinking to use this an advance for the following build guide.

Hayabusa Build Guide

The items below, are perfect for Hayabusa to deal continuous damage and to increase his physical damage and HP regeneration. Check out the update below for the newest build guide!

Tooth of Greed

Adds +75 physical damage

Warrior Boots

Increases his movement speed +40 and his armor +22

Blade of Destruction

Adds +75 to his physical attack and gives him +20% chance for a critical strike

Wind Chaser

Adds +60 physical attack and +45% physical penetration

Brute Force Breastplate

This item increases his HP +770 and his armor +40


After being attacked, Hayabusa will regen 4% HP. Also, this item gives him an additional 35 HP regeneration, +850 HP, +36 magic resistance and +10% cooldown reduction


Due to a recent game with Hayabusa, I’ve discovered something very interesting. I’ve changed some of the items, and made a new item build. The results are amazing. For the following guide to work, you need to spend more time farming and level up as fast as you can.

  • Raptor Machete – Great item to farm with.
  • Magic Shoes – Adds 10% CD reduction and increases Hayabusa’s movement speed.
  • Bloodlust Axe – A perfect item for his skill, especially for his ult.
  • Wind Chaser – 40% Physical penetration
  • Dominance Ice – Defense item that slows nearby enemy heroes movement speed and attack speed.
  • Deadly Weapon – Everytime Hayabusa deals damage, the target’s HP regen drops to 50%.
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