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Mobile Legends Kagura Build Guide

With the new update 1.1.44, Mobile Legends got a new hero, Kagura. She is available to purchase in the game for 32.000 BP or 419 diamonds.

Kagura or the Onmyouji Master, represents the yin and yang. She secretly took the most powerful weapon in the Kagura family, the Seimei umbrella. This weapon gives her the power of refining and the wisdom of Seimei.

Kagura Build Guide

Kagura uses 4 spells in Mobile Legends, one passive and three casters. Her passive skill is Yin Yang Gathering. She uses this skill to deal true dmg when Qing Ming Umbrella and the hero become a couple. Qing Ming Umbrella is her caster and she slows the enemies in specific area and deals magic damage. Luo Sheng Running Umbrella gives her a shield that block damage. Her ult is Yin Yang Switch. She deals magical damage, only if you have the Umbrella. If you don’t, you can make a link and every enemy that touches that link will receive damage.

Following this build guide for Kagura, will grant her a continious damage and magic power

Enchanted Talisman

Adds +55 magic power, +400 HP, +20 mana regeneration every 10 seconds and +20% cooldown reduction

Arcane Boots

Increase her magic damage reduction +25 and adds +40 to her movement speed

Concentrated Energy

Adds +70 magic power and +700 HP. After a kill, Kagura restores 10% HP

Devil Tears

This item adds to Kagura’s magic power +65

Guardian Relic

+90 to her magic power

Blood Wings

Adds +150 magic power

Kagura was on sale for the first week, with 30% off. With the new patch, a lot of hero balance changes are made. Balmond’s HP is higher now, Lolita’s energy rocket damage is reduced. Eudora’s movement speed is now 250, instead of 245. Some hero’s skills are changed as well. Gord’s Mystic Projectile speed is now 8.5 and Fanny’s energy to cast Steel Cable rises to 14/13/12/11/10/9.

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