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Mobile Legends Miya Build Guide

Miya is a moon elf, with high offensive rate and the right build guide will make her even stronger.

She is a Moonlight Archer, with a role of a Marksman. Miya’s attack speed is high, with 8.5 points and the armor of 17. Miya’s skills are Turbo, Fission Shot, Rain of Arrows and Turbo Stealth. For the full “how to use skills” guide, follow this link.

Miya Build Guide

Following this build guide will lead you to a series of winning in Mobile Legends. It will add physical attack, magic resistance, movement speed and critical strike.

Scarlet Phantom

Increases Miya’s attack speed and critical strike chance.

Swift Boots

Adds 15% attack speed and 40 pts to her movement speed.


increases her attack speed, movement speed and critical strike chance.

Demon Hunter Sword

Each basic attack deals extra physical damage.

Berserker’s Fury

Add +65 physical damage, 25% critical strike chance

Blade of Despair

Increases her physical attack, attack speed and critical strike chance.

I have played Miya few times, tried many different items, but these ones are the best for her. But I have to be honest, making this build guide was the hardest one of them all.

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