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Mobile Legends Nana Build Guide

Nana is also known as the Feline Wizard in Mobile Legends. She is a Mage hero that deals a lot of magic damage to slay her enemies. Below you can see the build guide I’ve made, which will definitely help you to be an MVP.

She is a cat elf with powerful magic abilities in the game. Nana is with 4 skills, one passive and three casters. To see the full “how to use skills guide”, follow this link and learn more.

Nana Build Guide

The following gear increases her magic power, movement speed, physical attack, critical strike chance and her attack speed. Make sure to select the magic emblem set before you start the game. Depends on your set level, Nana will also get additional magic power, HP, magic damage reduction and magic resistance. Here is the perfect gear for her

Clock of Destiny

Adds +60 magic power, +615 HP and +600 mana points

Fleeting Time

This item increases her magic power +70, mana regeneration +15 and +20% cooldown reduction

Magic Shoes

Gives her +10% cooldown reduction and increases Nana’s movement speed for 40 points

Concentrated Energy

Adds +70 magic power and +700 HP. Also, every time Nana kills a hero, her HP restores by 10%

Blade of Despair

This item is part of the attack gear that will increase Nana’s Physical attack +130, attack speed +25% and her critical strike chance +10%

Guardian Relic

Adds +90 magic power

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