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Mobile Legends Sun Build Guide

With the latest update for Mobile Legends, a new hero named Sun took his place in the game. Sun is on sale for the first seven days. For the first week Sun is with 30% off and with a final price of 32.000 BP and 419 diamonds. So, this a great deal to save diamonds.

The new update, 1.1.48, made a lot of changes in Mobile Legends, such as hero balance, skins and changes to the battleground. But let’s focus on Sun’s story and gear build guide.

Sun is a stone born monkey, who was locked and unable to move under a mountain. He just watched the world changing without having any power to do something about it.

Also, he was trying so hard to break the “chain” and when he finally escaped, he just laughed at the gods and went to the Land of Dawn.

Sun’s Story

Sun or Monkey King, is with 4 spells. Only one is a passive skill and three are casters. Summons Monkey is the passive skills and he summons a doppelganger, that grants him HP regeneration on his every attack. Golden Cudgel Strike is one of his casters, and Sun deals 120 physical dmg. In addition, he also slows the target’s movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds.

His second caster is Instantaneous Move. Requires 110 mana and deals 100 physical dmg to each enemy in the area. With his ult, Clone Techniques, Sun summons 2 clones that make it so hard for the enemies to escape Sun’s hits. So, here is how to use Sun’s skills.

First, you cast his ult, then use his Golden Cudgel Strike and keep his Instantaneous Move for last.

In this order, you might get penta kill! What I personally find very interesting, is that Sun is based on Monkey King from Dota 2. Basically, Sun is a copy of Monkey King.

For this reason I give a big thumb down for Moonton. Below you can find the perfect gear for Sun.

Sun Build Guide

  • Blade of the 7 Seas – +65 physical damage, +300 HP and +20% attack speed
  • Tough Boots – A lot of players will say, Sun is a fighter, he needs warrior boots…Yes, I agree, but what if you are playing against mage? Then you will need magic resistance to stay alive on the battleground and help your team to win the match. Therefore this item is a perfect for him and gives him +22 magic resistance and +40 movement speed
  • Cursed Helmet – Increases his HP +920 and adds + 50 magic resistance. He is now untouchable!
  • Heart of Steel – Adds +880 HP, +30 armor and +35 HP regeneration
  • Haas’s Claws – I love this item. It’s part of the attack gear and grants him +75 physical attack and +25% lifesteal
  • Ice Frost – Adds +1000 HP, +30 physical attack and slows the target movement speed by 35%

There you go. You now have a perfect item build for Sun.

Just one last thing. If you think Ice Frost will not work, try to get Endless Battle. To be honest, I was thinking which one to choose, as both of them goes fine on Sun.

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