Monkey King Build For an Easy 1v1 Fights

After the 7.00 update we have received a new hero. That was Monkey King. Monkey King has been one of the most annoying heroes in the game, at least so far. However, there was the 7.01 patch that kinda fixed Monkey King. If you ask me, he’s still not balanced. Everyone’s still thinking on how to win early game and get easy kills with Monkey King. Well, I think we have the answer thanks to this Monkey King Build.

Do you remember when the SF meta was discovered with the Eul’s Scepter? Now, we are talking about the same item, different hero.

Monkey King Build, Eul’s Scepter FTW

By using the Eul’s Scepter of Divinity before getting a 1v1 fight, you will get the advantage to aim your ultimate skill precisely and make the opponent find himself in the middle of the ultimate. What is this going to create? Well, in the middle of the ultimate there are 5 monkeys around. Whoever goes into the middle of the ultimate, is going to be chopped and killed by the monkeys. Let’s analyze this more clearly. Given the fact that the attack range of Monkey King is really OP, that means all of the five monkeys in the middle will attack the enemy for an extra 5 attacks.

I made a gif animation below how that looks and I did not even attack Axe. I just used Boundless Strike in case use either Force Staff or Blink (just assuming, this is a demo hero gif animation) him away and he avoids the 5 extra attacks. We’re both the same levels with Axe and even though I do not have any kind of OP items in my Inventory, the Ultimate did its job. Below You can see the gif animation and the usage of Eul’s Scepter. Monkey King can pretty much kill most of the enemy Heroes 1v1 with the Eul’s Scepter Item, you just need to use it right.

You saw the Five Monkey King illusions in the middle and all of them attack Axe one after another. Imagine you have a Basher and a Desolator. Echo Sabre is really good too… even that it doesn’t apply on the illusions. That guy is not even going to move. The five Monkey King illusions will get him. Even if he moves away he will still get 2-4 more attacks and he can get bashed. I am just talking about the illusions, without considering Monkey King’s attacks.

Monkey King Items

Let’s just speak about how the itemization should go through with using this build. Since the start of the game, focus on getting the Eul’s Scepter as much as possible. In that order, your chances to solo kill someone will be bigger. However, you might want to get the Phase boots even if I do not prefer those. I love to rush for the BoT’s, but it all matters what’s happening in the game. So, below you can see what I go for every single time.

After you get the Eul’s Scepter, it’s time to get a solo kill on the most farmed enemy hero. By doing this you will get a lot of gold and upgrade yourself like a boss. Going towards mid-game, I prefer getting the Shadow Blade and transform into Silver Edge. That will make you even stronger when you initiate a fight. After getting the Silver Edge, focus on either Basher or Desolator. Your choice. Whatever is the better item for the big team fights.

Going towards late-game, you should have BoT’s, Eul’s, Desolator, Basher, Silver Edge, and at least 1 item that will give you some kind of survivability boost. You can see the image below. This is a really nice build considering the Eul’s Scepter item. Keep in mind that nothing is etternaly, so the game might go wrong and you might want to sell your itemization, instead of Eul’s Scepter, get a BKB. However, I still do think that this is the best Monkey King Itemization for getting easy kills. Owning 1v1 fights even against the most farmed enemies on the map will be fun for you.

Let’s just preview Monkey King Talent Tree below.

Monkey King Talent Tree

So, we all know the Talents give us boosts. I always prefer to go for +20 attack speed, +20 Movement Speed, +40 Damage, and at level 25 +100%, which makes it 300% Boundless Strike Crit.

I really hope this build will boost your MMR like it did for us ;). Happy holidays and do not forget to subscribe because there are more builds to come, not only for Dota 2, but for more!

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